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a person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes

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The spokesman said that in his decision the independent adjudicator said: "Shah Dost suffered from disqualification (a Government Servant) on the date 08-08-2017, when Election Schedule was announced by the Deputy Election Commission and on all subsequent dates."
After the Kisumu training, the adjudicators will impart knowledge to their colleagues at the grassroots in their counties.
This summer, after 40 years of unblemished service with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), my policing career ended after an adjudicator whom I don't know and who doesn't know me said I was untruthful.
* Adjudicators should possess the ability to frame criticism in a positive and constructive manner.
Adjudicator Sonia Edwards said all four entrants presented work of a high standard and two could have been awarded the crown.
Unlike career Foreign Service employees, consular adjudicators are not evaluated for their potential to advance through the ranks, since the FAM limits their appointments to five years, renewable annually after an initial term of 27 months.
OF WORK AND PENSIONS IF the issue is not addressed or resolved, your case can be reviewed by the Adjudicator's Office for assessment.
FIDIC (The International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has a three-member Dispute Adjudication Board, compared with a single adjudicator used by NEC.
Conferences can exceed 400 participants, and the absence of student input in the sessions allows adjudicators time to comment on more pieces.
There are three adjudicators dealing with approximately 19,000 applications.
The Waterhouse Consulting Group, based in Birmingham, was brought in by the SRA to help it advertise for new adjudicators in June.
This report is an effort to address information gaps regarding how gendered claims are addressed by adjudicators at Canada's Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (the RPD).
"Our adjudicators are on the telephone all the time," he said.
The adjudicators' task is to select, in their opinion, the five best performers, irrespective of age, from a series of preliminary and regional rounds arranged throughout Wales.
These factors include the lack of national precedents and limited experience on the part of adjudicators. A few inconsistent decisions have been rendered by the SAIIPL panel of adjudicators, notwithstanding their high level of competency and adequate training.