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a person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes

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Consular adjudicators must be FSI language-qualified before they can receive an offer of employment.
The investigation was carried out in private and the report issued by the adjudicator is confidential.
And Conservative transport spokesman Coun Timothy Huxtable (Bournville) added: "I accept the adjudicator word completely and feel that anyone who was fined in those three locations should be refunded.
NEC also says that the adjudicator cannot be called as witness in subsequent proceedings - a provision that can help create trust and confidence for the parties in the adjudication process.
Through the service, small firms who feel that they have been wrongly denied a loan by lenders can appeal to an independent statutory adjudicator.
Will the adjudicators have sensed the choreographer's intention?
The appointment is either on an agreed basis or made by one of the adjudicator nominating bodies referred to in by the Statutory Scheme for Construction Contracts ("Statutory Scheme").
So we're quite concerned that there's not enough adjudicators in Saskatchewan.
In their discussion of how an adjudicator ought to assess whether a feared harm constitutes persecution, the Guidelines direct that violence--"including sexual and domestic violence"--constitutes persecution when it is "a serious violation of a fundamental human right.
The hearing's adjudicator ruled the cars should be used sparingly and only in areas where parking wardens cannot be used.
You can guess what they told him to do when he called the unemployment office: Call the adjudicator.
Regulation 27 provides that the adjudicator must decide the Dispute on the documents placed before her.
Over half of state schools - 3,600 - broke the code aimed at giving all children an equal chance of their preferred one, the annual report of the Schools Adjudicator revealed yesterday.
The appeal process was never implemented, leaving life and death decisions up to a sole adjudicator.
After a telephone hearing, an adjudicator awarded the LPN unemployment benefits.