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A public agency can just as easily extort unfair fees legislatively from a class of property owners as it can adjudicatively from a single property owner.
He argued that certain administrative agencies, such as the War Manpower Commission, the Office of Price Administration, and the War Production Board, could perform their functions effectively and precisely because they did not attempt to "act adjudicatively," while the FCC, for instance, suffered from its attempt to provide an adjudicative procedure in the awarding of television and radio licenses, a task that Fuller thought was ultimately not susceptible to reasoned solution.
Some have held that the test only applies to the types of exactions that were at issue in the two Supreme Court cases--namely, adjudicatively imposed requirements of land dedications.
(222) In contrast, those who are critical of the application of heightened scrutiny to exactions argue for a narrow interpretation that will limit the application of the Nollan-Dolan test to adjudicatively imposed land-dedication exactions.
Those who argue for a broad understanding of Nollan-Dolan, in other words, believe that the risk of leveraging is present regardless of the type and nature of the exaction, (224) while those who argue for a narrow understanding believe that the risk of leveraging is limited to land exactions that are adjudicatively imposed.