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the final judgment in a legal proceeding

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Green, president and CEO of UDHI, said, "This new web solution will take the four-step process of verification of patient benefits with the insurance company, submission of claims to the insurance company, adjudication of the claim benefits from the insurance company and then payment of the claims from the insurance company to the doctor, into a single on-line format.
It is the fourth adjudication hearing Cleveland Bridge has had, and the amount Multiplex has been ordered to pay the company now totals over pounds 4.
It's a credit to Bill Bleau for identifying a fellow veteran in need and the Denver Regional Office Adjudication Division for their prompt attention to Mr.
Those issues are pending in the Phase Two portion of the adjudication of SFPP's rates before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).
Among those recommendations are a change to the Intake Screening Unit so that applicants may by-pass the current telephone only system and "have their application taken in person by ODSP staff"; making the Disability Adjudication Unit's process more transparent and accountable; simplify forms for reviews of medical status so that they are geared to determine "whether there has been an improvement in medical conditions, not a complete reassessmeat of them.
The Independent Adjudication Team that visited this area in June included, on the Employer's side, the Chief Fire Officer of West Midlands, Kenneth J.
The two adjudication units within the FBI's OPR use teams of attorneys and specially trained employees to review investigations and apply disciplinary precedent to each case.
On May 23, 2001, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comments to the District of Columbia City Council on a proposal to establish an office of administrative trials and hearings, which would provide for the independent adjudication of, among other things, tax disputes currently handled internally by the District's Office of Tax and Revenue.
There are two major types: those that require a final adjudication of fraud or dishonesty and those that do not.
Next, I will explain the institutional arrangements for the revolutionary reorganization of local justice, which will shed light on how legislators sought to satisfy their constituents' demands concerning the adjudication of disputes.
Two months ago solicitors acting for Fasttrack served an adjudication notice on the Edinburgh firm - which has an annual turnover of pounds 383 million - and Fasttrack has now been awarded the cash.
Action to freeze assets of individual pending administrative adjudication of civil money penalty assessment by the Board.
Although other states provide online adjudication of pharmacy claims, no other states are providing this service for nursing homes.
MR and Mrs James Watt complained to the Press Complaints Commission through their solicitors that publication on March 10, 1996, of the Press Complaints Commission adjudication on their complaint against the Sunday Mail was in a distorted form.