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Synonyms for adjudicate

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Synonyms for adjudicate

to make a decision about (a controversy or dispute, for example) after deliberation, as in a court of law

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Synonyms for adjudicate

put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

bring to an end

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is that the offense for which he was adjudicated was less severe than federal aggravated sexual abuse, but his underlying conduct was more severe.
Distinguished Old Ravian orator Mr Hamza Ijaz was chief guest at the final round of the bilingual debate competition adjudicated by eminent orators Muhammad Umer Khan, Ali Akbar Abbas Rizvi, Awais Malik, Hassan Haider Raza, Zahid Malik, Muhammad Sharif and Raza Gillani.
The remaining pending claims will be adjudicated systematically under this newly announced discharge process.
Following the approach of the Third Universal Definition of MI (2), all patients with at least 1 cTnI result over the 99th percentile were adjudicated by 2 clinicians, with a third senior adjudicator consulted in case of discrepancy, based on all available clinical data.
One-year data from these ongoing trials showed that Repatha plus SOC treatment reduced adjudicated cardiovascular events.
So there is a mechanism in place for the concerns that have been raised about the integrity of the election to be adjudicated," he said.
Thus, as assessment of feigned symptoms is substantially informed by the MMPI-2, this study aimed to assess the validity of the standard forensic procedure followed by the Spanish forensic psychologists on this instrument in discriminating between adjudicated and mock victims of IPV.
Bowden's propensity to get creative with the laws of cricket is unlikely to go down well with his paymasters, and it only serves to highlight the inbalance in a panel that features plenty of Aussies and Poms, but barely enough umpires from Test cricket's other nations to ensure an Ashes series is adjudicated properly, the report further said.
On page 1291 of the article, a sentence appears that currently states, "A positive p16 stain does exclude CIN 1; at least 30% of adjudicated CIN 1 cases are p16-positive." This sentence should have read as, "A positive p16 stain does not exclude CIN 1; at least 30% of adjudicated CIN 1 cases are p-16 positive."
It is clear from this article that parties can agree to have their case adjudicated before a certain court that originally had no jurisdiction or was not locally competent (hereinafter the "Selected Court"), except in the following circumstances:
The team adjudicated approximately 150 cases a day, mostly Consular Reports of Birth Abroad.
Using a list of designated movements and locations, contestants will have two days--amid a packed schedule of master classes and adjudicated concerts--to make a two-minute video-dance using their own equipment.
All complaints will be heard and adjudicated in the presence of the stakeholders, he added.
Since 2008, 27 LPP cases have been instituted by courts in Latvia; of them, 17 cases have been terminated, and 10 cases are still being adjudicated by the court.
One can be adjudicated a convicted felon because he or she happened to go before a particular judge who does not withhold adjudication of guilt, while a codefendant goes before another judge who does.