adjoining room

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a hotel room that shares a wall with another hotel room

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For this purpose I applied all the strength I possessed to force an entrance from the cramped spot in which I lay to the adjoining room. The poorly fastened boards which alone divided me from it yielded to my efforts, and I found myself in the house.
With this emphatic repetition of his concluding words, the young lord turned upon his heel; but before he had reached the adjoining room he turned back again, and said, with even greater vehemence than he had displayed before,
When tea was over and the servants had come to clear away the cups, Lady Arabella, putting her arm round Mimi's waist, strolled with her into an adjoining room, where she collected a number of photographs which were scattered about, and, sitting down beside her guest, began to show them to her.
Rostov went to the middle of the room and looking through the open doors into the two adjoining rooms saw the same thing there.
According to the initial inquiries, the fire erupted in the adjoining room of the divisional office where the office record files were stored.
The only 'privilege' granted her in jail is a little room and toilet/shower facilities in an adjoining room.
into an adjoining room as we leave and an attendant nods our exit.
A shocked judge in Genoa had to adjourn a trial recently after he and the jury spotted a couple having sex in an adjoining room, behind a frosted glass window.
Three children were sleeping in an adjoining room at the time but they were unharmed.
It gives you a place to barbeque and entertain with ease and in very hot weather it will help keep your adjoining room cool.
The electricity to his home was out, and he heard a loud crashing noise from an adjoining room. The Press Enterprise, out of Riverside, California, reported that Duncan grabbed his pistol by his bed and went to investigate.
The footage showed Husseini climbing naked into bed while talking to the woman, who is in an adjoining room. A group of intelligence agents are then seen entering the bedroom.
Jones, Burton and Ridsdale went into an adjoining room with more privacy to avoid continuing their disagreement in front of players.
The grant, from Impetus Environmental Trust, has enabled the creation of wheelchair access to the kitchen, a complete refit of the kitchen and new storage cupboards in the adjoining room.