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Synonyms for adjoin

connect with or to


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Synonyms for adjoin

to be contiguous or next to

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Synonyms for adjoin

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Some pieces of figures which adjoin at most three figures, even need transforming alternates coloring be more than once, later, just can determine finally colors of these figures.
If each and every figure has at least four adjacent figures at an uncolored planar map, no matter these figures whether are transformed, and there is at least a piece of figures which at most three figures surrounds inwardly, then we regard the borderline closed curve which the piece of figures adjoins outwardly as "a ring of encircling figures", and use sign "[dot encircle]" to denote it, also use sign "[??]" to denote at least two such rings.
The thickness of bosses and pads preferably should be less than the thickness of the casting section they adjoin but thick enough to permit machining without touching the casting wall.
All of its lands adjoin the lands of the above-mentioned [Darvishabad] village.
Its western and eastern [boundaries] adjoin the unowned waste lands [lamalik], and its southern [boundary] partly adjoins the above-mentioned canal and partly its edges.
Kanbay International Inc (Nasdaq: KBAY), a global IT services firm, announced on Friday (10 March) that it had completed its acquisition of Adjoined Consulting Inc, a privately-held consulting firm based in Miami, Florida.
Kanbay previously announced the execution of a definitive agreement to acquire Adjoined Consulting on 13 February 2006.
The mission adjoins America's gayest neighborhood, the Castro, and it's the oldest building in San Francisco, dating back to 1776.
The complete loss of access to a road adjoining an owner's property as a result of the state's condemnation of the property was a compensable "taking," even though the owners retained access to another road that adjoined the property, according to the Court of Appeals of Georgia.
WHITLEY Brook Farm adjoins open countryside and is approached via a tree lined drive.
However, since the site adjoins Pontrhondda Primary and housing accessed from Turberville Street, Rhondda Cynon Taf councillors successfully urged college bosses to withdraw a planned outdoor amphitheatre which might have disturbed residents.
As the site marks a transition between the historic city centre and its industrial periphery, each end of the axial boulevard is anchored by a public building: Jo Coenen's library adjoins the historic core, while Aldo Rossi's Bonnefanten Museum reaches out to embrace the edge condition.
The site adjoins the main road which passes through Soweto, nestling into the dry, dusty, plastic-strewn veld near a busy local hospital.
It adjoins the southern boundary of the Catskill State Park and Forest Preserve.
The White Plains municipal parking lot with 500 spaces adjoins both properties at the rear, with direct access to both buildings.