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Synonyms for adjectival

of or relating to or functioning as an adjective


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55) There seems to be a plural and possibly dual demonstrative in the oblique case hnhmt, a compound of the demonstrative particle * hann and the 3mp oblique independent pronoun, which is likewise only used adjectivally.
Let's hope he never scores the winning goal at Wembley, adjectivally he has nowhere left to go.
While Kaplan (2005:43) is right in saying that in Fiji 'profit is no longer a sinister foreign deity'--especially if made on their vanua--business remains something often proclaimed 'antithetical to things of the vanua (meaning "land", "common people", and adjectivally "traditional" things), which are deemed the most important things for indigenous Fijians to retain' (Tomlinson 2004:191; see also Williksen-Bakker 2002).
Using color words substantively as well as adjectivally, juxtaposing them in series, and drawing a lexicon from the paint-box are among Byatt's means of achieving sensory density.
Metropolitan" (etymologically a citizen of the mother/mother city) also appears as a noun a century before being used adjectivally.
157, contains a relative clause constructed with a CP functioning adjectivally.
The word "kamokha" is not usually used adverbially, but rather adjectivally, meaning "similar to you" (cf.
sensuality, promise, terror, sublimity, idyllic pleasure, intense energy: the Orient as a figure in pre-Romantic, pretechnical Orientalist imagination of late-eighteenth century Europe was really a chameleon-like quality called adjectivally "Oriental" (118).
In one of them, soul does basically appear only adjectivally, and while the doctrine is, so far as I can see, formally consistent, it is only a polite form of materialism, which is cumbrous, misleading, and disposed to point in the wrong direction from the point of view of deeper theoretical understanding.
Descriptors, such as adjectives and phrases that function adjectivally, normally modify and qualify nouns, aiding comprehension and as a result help one to visualise what is being said.
The syntactical freedom, as for example of nouns and verbs being used adjectivally, creates wordscapes that surge with energy.
Indeed, it might even be suggested that the more firmly established the jurisprudential thrust of the Canadian guidelines on gender-related persecution becomes, the more women will be seen as risking pure and simple persecution, rather than an exceptional adjectivally framed variety.
innovate (118): "innovates," Sandys, Christ's Passion (1640); this is the only use of "innovate" or "innovates," though "innovating" is used adjectivally in Jonson's Poetaster.
Adjectivally, the word means "contained in a shrine," and the only recorded instances refer specifically to a patron saint.
Here, in no particular order, are 99 words that, in various ways, adjectivally define bigness.