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Synonyms for adjectival

of or relating to or functioning as an adjective


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But if the inflected participles cannot be analysed as adjectival forms, how are we to explain the alternation between inflected and uninflected uses?
In present-day Finnish, besides the -ma element (kuuma hot, muutama 'a few, some'), the *-m denominal adjective suffix also occurs in the -n suffix (hapan 'sour', lammin 'warm'--their genitive stems are happama- and lampima-), in the present tense form of the superlative (suurin: suurimma-), in the suffixes of the expressions ensimmainen 'first' and jalkimmainen ' latter ', and in the -mainen adjectival suffix (alamainen ' humble, obedient', sikamainen 'pork').
The adjectival conception begins with the premise that Rule 23, like any other joinder rule, serves classically procedural goals, (22) If many people have similar claims against one or a small number of defendants, then they can litigate their claims together if doing so would enable these individuals to obtain fairly and efficiently whatever remedy the preexisting substantive law affords them.
3) In concluding this article, I will reconsider the relationship between the concepts of adjectival and verbal periphrasis, building on insights from an earlier article of mine (Bentein 2011).
In keeping with the exigencies of technical discourse, however, we shall apply the third lexicological procedure of adjectival constructions to propose the following term: 'iruakro'.
In this cluster, we consider "Shakespeare and Ecology," which is not adjectival but which, nevertheless, moves me to consider how we engage another field of study.
Our national taste runs to a heady, adjectival, alliterative style.
These scholars engage the adjectival form ethnopoetic to refer to native (particularly Native American) canons of performance.
1) Stepping away from the complex adjectival versions of coordination and talking of spontaneous order would not only clarify much confusion, it would also capture what I think the older economists were really talking about when they used the concatenate version of coordination.
Moreover, whereas the first subtitle presents slavery as a national issue, the third and fourth define it as a Southern one, while the intervening edition, with its adjectival construction "Southern slavery," strikes a more ambiguous note.
In his volume of poems called Cultural Studies, Kevin Gonzalez uses the word in its adjectival form in title after title: "Cultural Stud," "Cultural Slut," "Cultural Sellout," "Cultural Spar," "Cultural Strumpet," "Cultural Scheme," "Cultural Shock," "Cultural Schmooze," "Cultural Soliloquy," "Cultural Scope.
In addition, they explicitly excluded use of hyphens for multiple adjectival modifiers for species such as Great Homed Owl (Bubo virginianus) and American Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica).
Anyway, I naturally raised a ruckus with the landlord, who, not unnaturally, said that he didn't feel responsible for my loss; he couldn't stand guard over customers' apparel all adjectival evening.
While you hone your adjectival innuendo, they figure out the most neutral way to accurately describe John McCain's public speaking style.
In the Collins English Dictionary "lush" appears twice as headword In the first entry, which concerns the adjectival form of the word, the following definition and etymology is given: