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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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Belizean Defense Minister Carlos Perdomo claims that Choc was well within Belizean territory and not even close to the adjacency zone.
When incidents occur in the Adjacency Zone, the OAS/AZ Office verifies the incident, provides follow-up, and prepares reports.
For any finite, simple, undirected graph [GAMMA] = [GAMMA](V,E), the adjacency matrix A = ([a.
The main result of this paper is a (multivariate) generalization of the MHH conjecture for the special case of adjacency matrices of threshold graphs.
ij]) be the adjacency matrix of order n x n corresponding to a graph G, then [a.
This adjacency will provide easy access to the stage for rehearsal and performance.
The final site was selected with consideration to manufacturing adjacency and synergy with the existing Pfizer facility.
Even worse, for three out of the four adjacency systems examined, the bias of the Euler number estimator diverges.
This book examines how data mining can be implemented to identify consumer patterns through such approaches as chance discovery, knowledge discovery, discourse analysis and the adjacency matrix.
We examine how households value adjacency to open space and more open space in the subdivision, as well as how readily they will trade off those amenities with their own private lot space.
By contrast, in a less conventional setting, Hertl Architekten have responded in a more abstract way (p64), adding a new roof-top element to an existing property that derives its form in response to its neighbour, with a cranked form that acknowledges its adjacency with a traditional slate roof, and a formal distortion that makes the most of spectacular views.
Added Farmakis, "GoldenSource will benefit from the building's adjacency to the new World Trade Center transportation station, as well as its proximity to Broadway and the World Financial Center.
Lastly, adjacency strategies are journeys into the unknown, extending the core and pushing out the boundaries and step up in risk versus a typical organic growth format.
If we denote by A the adjacency matrix of a simple graph G, the set of eigenvalues of A, together with their multiplicities, is said to be the spectrum of G.