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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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where A = [[a.sub.ij]] is an adjacency matrix of G' and X = [[X.sub.ij]] is a feasible solution to the semidefinite relaxation.
A given network can be represented in many ways, for instance, using an adjacency matrix defined as
First, we determine the group automorphism of n and we show that n is a distance transitive graph; also, by this fact, we determine the adjacency matrix spectrum of [pi].
In her study of Woolf's novels, Sotirova comments that sometimes there are "exclusively conversational links between inner discourses [of characters]" that "make them sound like 'adjacency pair parts'" (Consciousness 172).
The desire to have multiple peer groups in close proximity to analytical functions and the accompanying knowledge-sharing that results puts pressure on early planning phases to ensure proper adjacency and connectivity.
And the structures' analysis implies using the adjacency matrix, having some specific properties [10].
While many labor and delivery units have their own C-section rooms, often obviating the need for a direct adjacency, in some cases (for example, rural locales), patient volumes may not justify this, according to Scott Holmes, associate principal of medical planning at BWBR Architects.
Five ensuing chapters then focus on adjacency matrices, incidence matrices, distance matrices, some special matrices, and graphical matrices or matrices composed of subgraphs, with each laying out how to construct the matrix and discussing use in mathematical chemistry and related fields.
The adjacency matrix A(G) = [aij ]nn(usually denoted by A ) of the graph G is defined as:
In NCM method, N ([E.sub.1]), N ([E.sub.2]), ..., N([E.sub.p]) are considered the neutrosophic adjacency matrices, with nodes [C.sub.1], [C.sub.2], ..., [C.sub.n], and [E.sub.1], [E.sub.2], ..., [E.sub.p] are the adjacency matrices of FCM with nodes [C.sub.1], [C.sub.2], ..., [C.sub.n].
A digital image is a pair (X, [kappa]), where X [subset] [Z.sup.n] for some positive integer n and [kappa] represents a certain adjacency relation for the elements of X.
The intuitionistic fuzzy digraph G is represented by adjacency matrix given below:
In this level, the logical processes (discovery process, adjacency process, and forwarding process) that act over the sensor nodes as a function of their current state are also defined.
Let G be a digraph with vertices labelled {1,2,...,n} and its adjacency matrix A(G) the nxn matrix whose ijth entry is the number of arcs joining vertex i to vertex j.