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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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And early results indicate that in changing adjacencies we have made the right decision."
The established state can be activated by a transition from the associated state when a new adjacency is established, from the join state when the an adjacency fails, but there are other active adjacencies in the node, from the forwarding state when a multimedia communication using that node finishes or from the queued state when the resource request remaining in queue is canceled.
Then, the system sends a cluster state update (CSU) message to all nodes with successful adjacencies to update their state table.
GE has begun to build a platform for growth in adjacencies from these new groupings of external and internal innovators, one that has durable operating mechanisms and promotes a supportive incubation culture, in no small part from working closely with smaller companies, researchers, and venture capitalists and learning about the challenges they face.
Marthin De Beer , senior VP, Emerging Technologies Group said the announcement of Smart Connected Buildings as CiscoAAEs latest Emerging Technology highlights the strength of our internal innovation engine for identifying and developing solutions in key market adjacencies. AoOur aim is to create a new set of systems and solutions that take the network and extend the power of the platform to deliver sustainable energy management from information technology and commercial buildings all the way through to smart grid and the home,Ao he said.
While the displays have the same shelf and peg-board structure as the CVS and Walgreens locations, the adjacencies do not make the same effort to give shoppers the opportunity to pile all of whatever hair-care products they needed from one short trip.
When his top lieutenant, Jeff Bewkes, mumbled a semi-incoherent remark last week about how companies should strive for "adjacencies" rather than "synergies," the Wall Street Journal got so excited it turned it into a page one story.
"Throughout 2005 we delivered on our strategy to grow our core business through technology innovation, to expand into adjacencies such as verification and manufacturability, and to pursue pricing and business models for value," said Mike Fister, president and CEO of Cadence.
When they come into port, they use fiber-optic "umbilical cords" to physically establish adjacencies.
"Her expertise is in retail, so she understands what types of tenants would be in this particular market, what tenants work well with other tenants, what kind of adjacencies to pursue," says McCaffrey.
Forms were derived by stretching and moulding plasticene, considering access requirements and formal adjacencies. As layers of practical requirements were added, more drawings and models emerged.
-- Discovers BGP and OSPF neighbors and adjacencies.
$24.95 sc; Adjacencies: Minority Writing in Canada.
There are geographic adjacencies (such as Vodafone's acquisition of Mannesmann to enter the German cellular-phone market); channel adjacencies (Carter's creation of a new brand and logistics system for baby sleepers); and product adjacencies (IBM's shift from hardware to services).
A tool that is used to identify other complementary areas is the "spider diagram." Zook and Allen refer to this exercise as "adjacency mapping." Adjacencies are related expansions that share economics and capabilities with the core, and provide increased revenue and profit potential.