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Synonyms for opening

Synonyms for opening

an open space allowing passage

a favorable or advantageous combination of circumstances

Synonyms for opening

a ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise

becoming open or being made open

the first performance (as of a theatrical production)

the act of opening something

opportunity especially for employment or promotion

Related Words

the initial part of the introduction

a possible alternative

an entrance equipped with a hatch

a recognized sequence of moves at the beginning of a game of chess

first or beginning


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Steve Price, Managing Director of iSUBSCRiBE added: "iSUBSCRiBE is really pleased to be able to work with Aditus and provide them with a proven ecommerce solution for marketing and selling magazine subscriptions.
In most cases, the SI 2000 Aditus System will be integrated with Iskratel's SI 2000 digital switching systems for voice services and the ISP router for digital data connections and therefore, provide a total solutions for the service provider.
Founded in 1997, ADITUS Medical is a pioneer in the field of Intelligent Electroporation and a leading provider of flexible, easy-to-use and powerful Electroporation devices for research and laboratory use in vivo & in vitro.
The Aditus system which implements advanced radio design techniques is a near line-of-sight system and depending on the topography and other natural conditions, the radius of coverage could be as extensive as 45Km(28miles) from the base-station.
This in combination with several new patent applications resulting from extensive R&D activities will bring ADITUS Medical to a leading technology position in its field of business.
The Aditus 500 bundles POTS and digital data capabilities to provide high-speed Internet service and data with toll quality voice from a single Aditus remote access unit (RAU).
Tesco's choice of Adicom's Aditus 200 system represents a critical element in its strategy to provide consistently high-quality phone, fax and Internet access services within a cost-efficient operating structure, which meets the business requirements of Tesco.
AdiCom, which was founded in 1995, developed the Aditus 100 and 200 wireless local loop systems as an affordable solution for high-quality voice, fax and data.
Adicom Signs Contract with GDT's Piono Division To Supply Aditus