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a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine

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But we are confident that at Adit North East, we are already making a real difference.
Equant cyclic twins to 4 mm have been found associated with galena bodies in the lower adit.
The couple put the house on the market in 1992 but the prospective buyer pulled out after obtaining a report from the Coal Authority which said two adits were "situated under or close to the property".
Ed Brown, chief executive at Adit North East, said: "Out of the nine limited liability partnerships set up in England to aggregate broadband demand in their regions, we are pleased to announce the North-East is the first to have a contract signed.
Azurite was found during a May-June 1996 dig about 10 feet in front of the Upper Mex-Tex adit while searching for linarite and spangolite specimens.
The gold recovery plant has a present maximum capacity of 150 tpd and is located in the Manganeso area near the planned MD-1 decline adit portal.
Later in 2003, a company geologist uncovered three adits on the Guadalupe structure.
This program will be immediately followed up with the drifting of several adits totalling up to 1000 meters in length which will start in July.
Workings other than the main Coyote adit include a 225 foot steeply inclined shaft, other shallow adits and shafts and numerous prospect pits over a 3000 foot strike length covered by the claims.
The government conducted extensive exploration of this Property, consisting of: geological mapping, diamond drilling, adits, trenches, pits, geochemical and geophysical surveys.
Discovered in 1979 by the Hunan Bureau of the Geological Survey of China, extensive exploration work was carried out over the ensuing years, including 8,400 metres of diamond drilling, 13,400 m 3 of trenching, and numerous survey adits.
A discontinuous zone of overgrown trenches and anomalous Au concentrations in rock and soil defines an approximate trace of 280 westward from 2 collapsed adits to the highly anomalous trench, a distance of 150 m.
This deposit, located 10 kilometres north-east of Qu Long, was discovered by the Tibet BGMR ten years ago and has been drilled to a depth of 300 metres and tested by a number of adits over a 3 kilometre strike length.
The company is pleased to report that all of the three adits and 15 raises were developed within the mineralized structure.
Test mining which commenced in late June, is proceeding at 200-300 tonnes per day, processing mineralized material from all three adits and raises.