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a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine

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Initial prospecting by the Company returned up to 17.36 g/t Au from an old adit on the Rattlesnake range front.
Fieldwork by CANEX has identified multiple gold exploration targets, including the Adit Shear Zone which has been traced for 1 km along strike and has returned chip sample results of 8.47 g/t gold over 5.6 metres.
So far, the tour packages offered are very conventional that we don't think interesting, exciting, and fun enough,' said Adit.
Matthew commented, "Studying for the ADIT has allowed me to enjoy a combined focus on both academic understanding and the practical 'real life' application.
1), in almost parallel direction, crossed the mountain over the probable run of the adit. The first three profiles were situated over the main entrance to the mine and in its vicinity.
According to the company, the 96% grading from its lower adit aligns with sample grading from the140,000 tonnes of heaps on its property and is representative of what it can immediately mine in its lower adit.
Our immediate focus is to develop this exploration adit so we can more cost effectively increase our high grade resource base.
From the portal of the left bank adit (adit 4), the rock mass is massive but has a very complicated joint pattern.
"ADIT, a joint venture of Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH and DENSO Corp., has selected Mentor Graphics as one of their OSV partners to develop a GENIVI 2.0-compliant software platform," said Dr.
In recent weeks, Condor has re-opened the entrance to an adit on the Concession.
Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development ADIT Invest 2011 Announces Prospect Investments of 1.6 Billion USD in Real Estate Development for Brazil.
Travel Business Review-June 2, 2011--Association for Real Estate and Tourism Development Announces Results of ADIT Invest 2011(C)2011] ENPublishing -
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (ADIT), which will take place on March 12, will host 61 elite athletes who together hold 24 world championships, more than 50 Ironman titles and over 100 national titles.
RNLI lifeguard manager Steve Instance said: "It is believed that she was climbing around an adit, which is an entrance to a mine.
Team members include Richard Arms, Michael Baker, Nicholas Borsari, Kevin Connelly, Adit Dharampuriya, James Kolenda, Alec Mazursky, Conor Moran, Nick Speranzella and Christopher Steidler, of Bolton; James Adams and Matt Snow, of Hudson; Jack Henningson, of Northboro, and Rory McHarg, of Wayland.