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a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine

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Silver Fields engaged mining geologist Herb Bradshaw to verify the condition of the surface access to various adits and shafts of the old mine workings with a view to preparing a detailed restoration and exploration program.
And Adit, formerly known as the North-East Regional Aggregation Body, will be joined by leading telecoms and service providers in the region, such as Telewest, BT, Easynet, Mitel, NTL, 02 and Synetrix.
As dewatering takes place, the Company plans to rehabilitate the adit, which was originally developed between 1988 and 1991, and install utilities and infrastructure in preparation for advancement.
Due to the extensive, previous adit development, the Company's objective is to upgrade a significant proportion of the current plus one million ounce Inferred Resource at Namoya into the higher confidence Measured and Indicated Resource categories once the previous adit sampling assay results are verified.
And in an early move, Adit is sponsoring IT Works 2004, the region's biggest IT exhibition, which will be held at St James's Park on June 10 and 11.
Collected water samples from the Libby Adit and completed preliminary bench scale testing for water treatment systems.
The Libby Adit was constructed by Noranda between 1989 and 1991, but remained uncompleted following cessation of activities and closure in the mid-1990's.
Adit 1 is being driven parallel to the vein structure near the creek bottom, providing the lowest access to date to the vein.
The Adit 105 and 205 are designed to be installed indoors or out, using existing equipment, to enable large-scale deployments for service providers.
Combining The Adit 105 and 205 CST's carrier-class features -- lifeline support, battery backup, remote management -- with the Jetstream CPX-1000 gives carriers a solution for delivering voice over DSL profitably to homes and small businesses," said Barry Kantner, vice president of marketing at Carrier Access.
The permit was acquired by Mines Management in May of this year, and under the recent approval, the Company is allowed to reopen and assess the condition of the adit.
The Adit 105 and 205 DSL products embody the core strengths Carrier Access has become known for -- quality, reliability, manageability, ease of installation, and rich feature content," said Dale Hartzell, senior product manager with Carrier Access.
Work is continuing on this area as well as other old adit and mine sites in the area.
The Adit 600 defines a new class of equipment that combines multi-network access, multi-media transport, and multi-service delivery into one platform.
The ADiT fast-SPICE simulation technology was originally developed by EverCAD Software Corp.