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having the property of containing fat

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In the current study, the association between VLDL-C and liver adiposity is exemplified by the positive relationship between FSF and non-HDL-C, which confirms previous reports in able-bodied individuals [47, 48].
For the classification of abdominal adiposity, the criteria proposed by Taylor et al.
After 15 weeks of the dietary protocol, the data underwent cluster analysis for adiposity classification.
The present study indicates that weight or BMI should not be the only criteria to assess adiposity and cardiovascular risk.
However, only 95 of the meta-analyses used cohort studies that used a continuous scale to measure adiposity, such as body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference, or waist-to-hip ratio.
Conclusion: Interleukin-15 correlates negatively with adiposity indices, especially visceral fat.
Several previous studies have examined the relations between obesity and lung function and they used Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of overall adiposity. [3,4,5] However, BMI does not give indication of fat distribution and body fat composition.
BMI is a crude measure of obesity that does not account for differences in body composition and is not linearly associated with adiposity (15,16).
The researchers found that the link between higher serum vitamin D levels and lower plasma cholesterol levels was independent of body adiposity, dietary factors, physical activity, parental education, and day length prior to blood sampling, Medical Xpress reported.
They concluded that globally, children with psoriasis have excess adiposity and increased central adiposity regardless of psoriasis severity.
Adiposity index has been used as a tool for analysis and discussion in the efforts to elucidate the deleterious effects of increased adiposity and possible effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacologic treatments such as physical exercise in humans (14, 15) and rodents (7).
Meanwhile, 2 recent studies from Denmark (7) and Sweden (8) reported that adiposity [body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference (WC)] in interaction with TG-associated variants can accentuate the risk of higher TG, but whether such interactions exist in the US population remained to be explored.
To further explore the paradox, many studies have examined FGF-21 serum levels in people with varying degrees of glucose tolerance and adiposity [13-15].