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the property of excessive fatness

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Adiposis dolorosa###1 (0.5%)###0 (0%)###1 (0.8)###0.425
When there are similar cases in the family, familial lipomatosis is an option, and Dercum's disease (adiposis dolorosa) is a possibility if the fat accumulation is accompanied by pain [23].
Thus, PPAR[gamma] overexpression in KKAy mice and pioglitazone-mediated PPAR[gamma] hyperactivity may lead to adipogenic hepatic steatosis or hepatic adiposis.
Intriguingly, in DNA methylation process of growth development and adiposis in animals, DNA methylation in mammals was methylated by DNA methyltransferases (Dnmts) mainly including Dnmt1, Dnmt2, Dnmt3a and Dnmt3b (Bestor et al., 1998; Chen et al., 2010; Okano et al., 1998; Xie et al., 1999).
In a study conducted by Rudman and colleagues (1991), they gave growth hormones, as an anti-aging measure, to men over the age of 60 with the expectation that the supplementation of growth hormone will repair the decline of lean body mass within the increasing adiposis that is related to age and they found a significant progress as a result of 6 months of treatment (0.03 mg/kg body weight three times a week).