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cells composed of fat

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It has been suggested that the presence of fatty deposits renders adipose cells highly susceptible to cell killing produced by cooling, mediated by aggregation/crystallization mechanisms leading to cell disruption and/or apoptotic/necrotic cell death, followed by local inflammation and a protracted period (weeks) of immune cell infiltration and clearance of cell debris [12,14,16,17, 39].
Factors such as insulin and blood sugar levels also influence whether or not adult stem cells in adipose tissue will develop into mature adipose cell.
Finally, it is important to determine the specific factors that provide plasticity to beige adipose tissue, which makes possible their differentiation from a mature white adipose cell. The process of beiging from both the precursor adipose cells as well as from the white adipose cells maybe a desirable element for weight reduction.
Inflammation in subcutaneous adipose tissue: relationship to adipose cell size.
PPAR-[gamma] belongs to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily and is a central regulator of adipose cell differentiation.
Several studies have emphasized the role of interleukins (ILs) in the physiology of adipose cells: ILs increase lipolysis and modify body fat distribution and production of extracellular matrix by adipose tissue [6-8].
Adipose tissue is a known target for RA, and retinoid receptors belonging to the two different subfamilies (RAR and RXR) are expressed in rat adipose tissue and mouse 3T3-L1 adipose cells (Haq and Chytil, 1991; Kamei et al., 1993).
The technology could move the company a step closer to human trials using transplanted brown adipose cells to treat metabolic syndrome
M2 PHARMA-February 14, 2012-Bioheart acquires worldwide rights to Ageless Regenerative Institute's adipose cell technology(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Methods for the determination of adipose cell size in man and animals.
In addition, this patent allows for the development of novel human brown adipose cell lines that may be used for high-throughput small molecule screens in drug development and other compounds that play a role in regulating a variety of processes.
BRT and Pfizer will jointly conduct a study titled "Development and Validation of a Human Brown Adipose Cell Model," which will seek to further characterize the identity and metabolic function of these cell lines.
Knockout of IRX3 expression in mice caused an increase in uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) gene expression in white adipose cells which is an important factor of browning white adipocytes.[2] However, contradictory results were found in this area.
ADRESU is an investigator-initiated, multicenter, open-label, single arm clinical trial of Cytori's ECCI-50 cellular therapeutic, comprised of Celution-prepared autologous Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs) and adipose cells.
Adrenal myelolipomas are non-functional benign tumors of hematopoietic and mature adipose cells. Although they are generally unilateral in presentation and hormonally inactive, about 10% may be associated with endocrine diseases including Cushing's syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Conn's syndrome, pheochromocytoma, and hyperthyroidism (4).