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cells composed of fat

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Inflammation in subcutaneous adipose tissue: relationship to adipose cell size.
PPAR-[gamma] belongs to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily and is a central regulator of adipose cell differentiation.
Adipose tissue is a known target for RA, and retinoid receptors belonging to the two different subfamilies (RAR and RXR) are expressed in rat adipose tissue and mouse 3T3-L1 adipose cells (Haq and Chytil, 1991; Kamei et al.
In primary adipose cells from either risk or non-risk individuals, altering the expression of either IRX3 or IRX5 switched between energy-storing white adipocyte functions and energy-burning beige adipocyte functions.
They found that obese children over the age of six had a higher number of adipose cells than those of the lean children.
Identification and characterization of leptin-containing intracellular compartment in rat adipose cells.
The angiomyolipoma was composed of mature adipose cells, smooth muscle cells and blood vessel.
In his latest study, he looked at what happens when the SIRT1 protein is missing from adipose cells, which make up body fat.
The authors conclude that both in vitro and in vivo studies showed that adipose cells are targets of AhR ligands and suggest that inflammation is one of the main regulated pathways.
Irisin acts on white adipose cells in culture and in vivo to stimulate a broad program of healthy brown-fat-like development.
Third, these cells appear to direct surrounding cells to regenerate the architecture of adipose (fat) tissue, even directing the differentiation of white blood cells such as macrophages to become adipose cells.
To determine whether Magnolia dealbata and its active compounds stimulate the glucose uptake by adipose cells, the 2-NBDG uptake by terminally differentiated 3T3-F442A and human subcutaneous adipocytes was assayed in the presence of MDE, HK, and MG.
Cardiac lipomas are very rare benign tumors of encapsulated mature adipose cells.
Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural localization of leptin and leptin receptor in human white adipose tissue and differentiating human adipose cells in primary culture.
11) confirmed that both animal and human adipose tissue contains natriuretic peptide receptors (NPRs) and suggested that natriuretic peptides may have a lipolytic effect in human subcutaneous adipose cells.