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having the qualities of fat

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composed of animal fat

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Galinier et al., "Adipose tissues as an ancestral immune organ: site-specific change in obesity," FEBS Letters, vol.
There are two types of adipose tissue, white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue.
The researchers conducted a separate clinical study of 16 people to demonstrate that statins reduce the activity of brown adipose tissue.
Lipogems successfully uses a patient's own body fat (adipose tissue) to assist in the healing process and, in some cases, used in conjunction with traditional orthopaedic surgery.
In the cold, brown adipose tissue acts like a heat generator, and its activity has a positive effect on the energy balance.
The adipose tissue cut a sorry figure in their midst; it could
Although BMI has been used for a wide range of research including genetic epidemiology, BMI has a distinct limitation in that the measurements assume a uniform contribution to risk by all adipose tissue, not taking into account the variation of the adiposity type and location from individual to individual.
Nedergaard, "Brown adipose tissue: function and physiological significance," Physiological Reviews, vol.
These factors, in addition to less invasive tissue harvesting techniques, make adipose tissue a more desirable source.
Thereafter, treatments which can decrease visceral adipose tissue were considered better choices.
Lipodystrophies are a heterogeneous group of disorders characterized by congenital or acquired loss of adipose tissue (1).
This study aimed to determine the role of Adenovirus 36 (Adv 36) in childhood obesity and to evaluate the obesity-triggering effect of its latent infection on adipose tissue.
In mammals, white adipose tissue (WAT) is central to lipid regulation and a major source of metabolites, facilitating both the storage of fatty acids as neutral lipids within the lipid droplets (LDs) of adipocytes and regulating the release of fatty acids in response to both acute and chronic stimuli.