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Bencze "fell in love" after reading Mi Ultimo Adios upon noticing the markers bearing translations of the poem in other languages, NHCP executive director Ludovico Badoy said.
Estuardo joined a mara and in this way personifies the essence of Adios Nino.
It's hard to walk through an airport and see the bookstores that will never stock Adios, Mofo.
The uncertainty of life in a modern land ruled by irrational whims and blind devotion to dead ideals is ultimately the thread that weaves all the various "writers" and chapters of Adios, Happy Homeland
ADIOS was applied to a collection of phrases selected from the Child Language Exchange System (CHILDES) consisting of 9665 transcribed sentences (containing 74,500 words) produced by parents addressing their pre-school children.
Once a year, cowboy, you need to say adios to the 3.
Under the leadership and musical direction of trumpeter Elvin Torres, the band follows in the tradition of the super salsa orchestras of the island--Willie Rosario, Cesar Concepcion and Bobby Valentin--with three vocalists backed by about a dozen high caliber musicians, This new recording includes ten originals, ranging from upbeat to moderate salsa scores (El Agricultor, Decir Adios, Flor Bonita, and Regresa), as well as the romantic bolero/chachacha No Me Importa.
However audiences take to Hoffman and the movie, Kwietniowski is chomping at the bit to tackle his next, most likely an "erotic caper movie" based on Daniel Chavarria's novel Adios Muchachos, about a gorgeous Cuban prostitute and a larcenous, libidinous middle-aged man who resembles Mel Gibson.
In Mexico, where the government killed 250,000 to 300,000 people in the 1920s, "conditions had become so bad for everyone that instead of saying adios people would make an act of contrition.
Adios, amigo, we'll miss you--but thanks for leaving us this recording before you left us for good .
Marketed under the trade names Slam, primarily for corn, and Adios, for other crops, it remains the only embittered rootworm pesticide that is commercially available.
In the opening paragraphs of her essay in Adios, Barbie, Amy Richards writes that "For many women, our bodies have become the canvasses upon which our struggles paint themselves.
An untangling of bodies asleep allows an untangling of lives, and soon an absence as vast as the cosmos slips in from almost nowhere at all while you doze: "a sisterly severance, a cutting of cookies, adios fraternos.