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Bencze "fell in love" after reading Mi Ultimo Adios upon noticing the markers bearing translations of the poem in other languages, NHCP executive director Ludovico Badoy said.
Adios a los proceres se compone de veintitres minirrelatos; cada uno, mediante la parodia del genero biografico, narra la vida de un protagonista del periodo de la Independencia.
While the Miami teen could have walked away from her hearing with her bond set at $5,000, she decided to give a the judge a sarcastic sendoff by saying "adios."
Others to impress in the Oaks were Central Heroine, Ardmore Charmer, Adios Belle and Smart Ali.
UTTOXETER: 2.10 Outback, 2.40 Benefit Cut, 3.10 Archie's Wish, 3.40 Green Hackle, 4.10 Adios Alonso, 4.40 Swift Arrow, 5.10 Leopard Hills.
'Adios!' 'Adios, dog-boy!' The old man watches him go.
A period of confusion might follow after opening Ana Menendez's new book, Adios, Happy Homeland!
Esta carta a los lectores es un buen motivo para dar bienvenidas y para escribir un breve adios. En primer lugar quiero darle la bienvenida a Manolo Garcia Florentino como nuevo miembro del comite cientifico de la revista.
When Gonzalo, a sassy rooster, hits the jackpot, he packs his bags, quits his job at the farm and bids "Adios" to the others there.