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(psychology) an urge to accept or approach a situation or an object

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A series of experiments has been conducted on two popularly used face image datasets, the LFW database and the Adience database.
There are three versions of the Adience database, including the original version, aligned version, and frontalized version (3D version) with 26,580, 19,487, and 13,044 images, respectively.
There are three subsets of the Adience dataset 3D version; this is because it is not necessary to label gender with age groups or vice versa.
The main reason is the Adience dataset are not frontalized well; the location-fixed patches used in [21] may not always contain the same region of faces.
Caption: FIGURE 8: Sample images from Adience database.
4 I was unable to obtain prospectuses from Adience, ARIX, CIC-I Acquisition, First City Industries, MB Holdings, ROPS Textiles, TDII, and Webcraft Technologies.