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occurring without loss or gain of heat

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Before the fan draws the ambient air through the finned coil, the air is pre-cooled adiabatically when traversing a humidification pad, evaporating water in the air and increasing cooling capacity.
The first applications of ASL used a long radiofrequency (RF) pulse simultaneously with a selection gradient to adiabatically invert the spins of the feeding arteries (continuous ASL, CASL).
As for [T.sub.1] - [S.sub.0] energy gaps, these were computed adiabatically. Our calculations have indicated that monobromination has a limited effect on the [T.sub.1] - [S.sub.0] energy gaps, except for species Vc, which decreased the gap by 3.5 kcal [mol.sup.-1].
If the three single-mode input and output waveguides have different cross-sectional sizes, we can always adiabatically extend (to the outside) all the three waveguides to a single-mode waveguide of the same cross-section size and then obtain the same conclusion (broken the law of conservation of energy) for the extended passive system with three new input/output single-mode waveguides of the same cross-section size.
The stationary state solution for (1) when the point defect's potential varies adiabatically [when f(t) = [f.sub.0] + [DELTA]f cos([omega]t)] is
In brief, the MCE occurs when a magnetic material is adiabatically magnetized in a changing magnetic field.
The monotonic decreasing behavior of the chemical potential with temperature for d/s [greater than or equal to] 1 is understood from the argument based on the fact that the internal energy U diminishes from its zero temperature value [E.sub.F] after adiabatically adding a fermion at the small temperatures T [much less than] [T.sub.F].
This allows us complete monomer polymerization safely, (i.e., without exploding if adiabatically polymerized) (2) Energy saving: the reaction is maintained by heat released by the reaction itself.
Strong shockwave was created and the plasma plume expanded adiabatically inside the confining liquid and mixed with the surrounding liquid [19].
Therefore, within each discrete time step of the computation, the state of the gas in the control volumes is calculated in the following manner: first, the gas is assumed to change its state adiabatically (n = [kappa] = 1.4) and then the gas state parameters are recalculated based on an analysis of the internal energy balance with the heat exchange and the mass exchange between the chambers taken into account.
Reactions may be run isothermally or adiabatically. In an isothermal process, the rate of heat generation can be controlled by adjusting the initiator concentration, reaction temperature, or initiator feed rate.
In the mountains the precipitations are primarily of an orographic nature, as the moist winds are forced up the mountainsides, cooling adiabatically as they rise until they reach condensation temperature.