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occurring without loss or gain of heat

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Since these reactions are "not adiabatically dumped into the heat bath of the surrounding medium" [40], condensation processes could result in the emission of Balmer [30] and Paschen lines [43].
In the argument, Einstein employed a Carnot engine with two heat reservoirs, denoted by Uo and U and originally 'at rest' with the same (rest) temperature To, to illustrate how heat is transferred between them, if U is accelerated to a velocity adiabatically along with an auxiliary machine.
Technically, X is taken to be an adiabatically, piecewise stationary, ergodic (APSE) information source (see e.
As a result of the cavity bubble destruction, the gas or the existing vapors inside it are adiabatically compressed, the temperature can reach 1000[degrees]C and a shock wave is generated of which intensity increases with the increase of acoustic pressure.
For naphtha steam reforming, the desulfurized hydrocarbon is fed to a pre-reformer, which is operated adiabatically, where the higher hydrocarbons are directly converted to methane, giving a methane-rich gas feed for the reformer (Christensen, 1996).
Quasi-bound orbits may be eliminated by adiabatically reducing the strength of the trapping field, however during this procedure a large fraction of energetically trapped neutrons are lost along with the quasi-trapped neutrons.
At Los Alarnos and at Air Force Research Laboratory, an FRC plasma is adiabatically compressed using an electromagnetically driven solid liner.
The temperature rises adiabatically, thereby eliminating the need for temperature control.
The gas reaches the Joule-Thomson restriction and expands adiabatically and isenthalpically.
Gases are cooled adiabatically to hydrothermal equilibrium at the temperature of wet bulb thermometer (see vector 2-3 in Fig.
When hot water is demanded by the building occupants, the water leaving the top of the tank is mixed adiabatically with tap water such that the mixed flow is around 45[degrees]C (113[degrees]F).