adiabatic process

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(thermodynamics) any process that occurs without gain or loss of heat

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Taken together, these capabilities mean that a closed-loop adiabatic process cooling system can reduce energy consumption for process cooling by as much as 50% compared to a conventional cooling tower/central chiller system.
All evaporation and water consumed in the adiabatic process are external to the process loop, so process-fluid contamination and unwanted buildup in mold-cooling channels are eliminated.
Since this is an adiabatic process, there is no net change in the enthalpy of the airstream.
The injection molding filling stage can be considered as an adiabatic process, depending on the value of a dimensionless number defined and used before [13, 14]
All of the evaporation and water consumed in the adiabatic process is external to the process loop, so process-fluid contamination--and unwanted build-up in mold-cooling channels--is eliminated.
0] is working fluid density in the evaporation zone; k is exponent of adiabatic process.
Humidifiers using the adiabatic process exchange sensible heat of air with latent heat of water to accomplish evaporation.
To reduce production costs while maintaining or enhancing product quality, ABCO studied the best way to achieve this result using an adiabatic process.
In an adiabatic process, the temperature change [Delta]T associated with a change of applied pressure [Delta]P is given by