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occurring without loss or gain of heat

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Based on extensive field experience and latest findings from laboratory tests, battenfeld-cincinnati has now developed an adiabatic high-speed extruder with virtually optimal energy efficiency.
The key is that this system uses a closed-loop adiabatic fluid cooler in place of the open-loop cooling tower.
Adiabatic wetted panels are mounted in front of the tower coil through which process water flows.
The physics community currently maintains that, under these conditions, both cavities must contain black radiation, in accordance with Kirchhoff's law [1,2], despite the fact that the second cavity, being fully adiabatic, acts as a perfect reflector and, hence, is unable to emit a single photon.
In terms of manifold temperature uniformity, both good and tough thermal conditions are tested, including effects of viscosity, insulation and non-insulation, adiabatic and conjugate wall.
2009) has revealed that the two-phase flow through adiabatic capillary tube has been modeled successfully by a number of researchers.
An adiabatic spray system and various GEA Searle control packages are available as options.
So-called orographic effects, hills and valleys, do provide wintry examples of excessive cooling due to radiation as one finds elsewhere while the lengthy coastal escarpment hosts an example of adiabatic warming (our oosweer), the latitudinal extent of which far exceeds the various other instances around the globe.
Other topics include molybdenum complex as a photosensor for direct water splitting, the antibacterial activity of silver particles, and the effect of adiabatic extrusion on the crystallization pattern and thermal behavior of polyamide nanocomposites.
The 1764 1550 nm C-Band DWDM Laser Module features low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality over both short and long fiber lengths.
Temperature control specialist, ICS Cool Energy, part of the ICS Temperature Control group, says adiabatic coolers are a safer alternative that eliminates the risk of legionella and saves on costs and energy.
Adiabatic refers to no heat transfer (no cooling water flow) while diabatic is with cooling.
s Hyprcool hybrid process cooling system utilizes an adiabatic wetted cooling tower for water system heat rejection.
Adiabatic saturation, true wet-bulb, and measured wet-bulb temperature