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an organization with little or no structure

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The adhocracy culture is perceived, following Cameron (2008), as "a dynamic, entrepreneurial, and creative workplace....
The competing value framework was employed by several researchers to find the relationship between individual culture types--clan, adhocracy, hierarchy and market--on knowledge management.
The effects of organizational culture on firm performance were analysed and it was found out that in Firm A only adhocracy culture has effect on firm performance (9% of the total variation in firm performance is explained), whereas in Firm B both clan (37% of the total variation in firm performance is explained) and adhocracy culture (23% of the total variation in firm performance is explained) have effects on firm performance.
Lam (2000: 507-508) posits that the J-Form and Operating Adhocracy are the two most innovative organizational structures.
There can be a great variety and adhocracy in the team structure and leadership of clusters, depending on the setting in which they exist.
The aid effort was plagued by in-fighting among US agencies and an improvised 'adhocracy' approach.
For example, an R&D person may prefer adhocracy values because they are conducive to innovation.
Tseng (2010) found that adhocracy culture improve firm performance more than clan and hierarchy cultures.
The biennial was divided between the venues of the Galata Greek Primary School, with curator Joseph Grima's "Adhocracy," and the ystanbul Modern, showing curator Emre Arolat's "Musibet" (Calamity).
He offers a negative (in the photographic sense) of the absent Ugandan state and of its representations, opposing the 'sedimentation' and reappropriation processes of local institutions to the adhocracy of national ones.