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an organization with little or no structure

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Figure 2 depicts the direct relationships between independent variables, which consist of adhocracy culture and market orientation that are constructed as organisational culture.
The competing value framework was employed by several researchers to find the relationship between individual culture types--clan, adhocracy, hierarchy and market--on knowledge management.
The effects of organizational culture on firm performance were analysed and it was found out that in Firm A only adhocracy culture has effect on firm performance (9% of the total variation in firm performance is explained), whereas in Firm B both clan (37% of the total variation in firm performance is explained) and adhocracy culture (23% of the total variation in firm performance is explained) have effects on firm performance.
There can be a great variety and adhocracy in the team structure and leadership of clusters, depending on the setting in which they exist.
A strong customer orientation aligns an adhocracy culture's general emphasis on innovation with the needs of particular customers.
Finally, adhocracy culture tended to external organization matters and emphasizes flexibility and change more than resistance.
The compilation of A options correlates to the clan culture; the compilation of B options correlates to the adhocracy culture; the compilation of C options correlates to the market culture; and the compilation of D options correlates to the hierarchy culture (Cameron & Quinn, 1999).
Our culture is evolving, but it's predominantly a culture of adhocracy, moving to more of a market-focused culture.
The four quadrants include clan, adhocracy, market, and hierarchy.
Each quadrant represents a composite of the values and assumptions relative to core culture types found within most organizations: clan, hierarchy, market, and adhocracy (Cameron & Quinn, 1999).
The Adhocracy Culture (Entrepreneurial): Typical of the Information Age.
Thus, satisfaction is higher in organizations with innovative, supportive, group, clan, and adhocracy cultures.
Creating the New American School is also packed with invaluable do's and don'ts throughout, such as "The adhocracy strategy can be overused or used badly.
In short, we should train and educate for ambiguity and find ways to promote the value of improvisation and adhocracy.
Additionally, the IS development project team involved an adhocracy where members consisted of people with different specialties organized into a short-lived team without strong central management and well established formal procedures (Mintzberg, 1979).