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the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition

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Higher viscosity of blood could lead to greater platelet adhesiveness to subendothelium.
Adhesiveness, chewiness, and gumminess values of emulsified meatballs were increased with increasing levels of curdlan [13].
Bergquist has a strong foothold in the membrane switch market industry and has developed HeatSealTM, an advanced fabrication process for layer adhesiveness.
During the ex vivo testing, settings of power delivery, depth of the puncture of electrodes, time required to create a safety zone of coagulation necrosis, and the adhesiveness of electrode needles were monitored.
The parameters of firmness, adhesiveness, springiness, cohesiveness, gumminess, and chewiness were obtained.
The hardness, adhesiveness, and chewiness values represent the chewy texture of steamed bread, and higher values indicate a worse texture.
vittatus, probably due to their eggs adhesiveness. This assumption is reinforced by ultrastructure studies showing, in species with adhesive eggs, follicular cells with a large amount of organelles that synthesize mucosubstances that are transferred to the pellucid zone for a strong adhesiveness of the eggs to the substratum (Andrade, Bazzoli, Rizzo, & Sato, 2001; Rizzo et al., 2002; Santos et al., 2006).
We now know that consumption of large amounts of sucrose or other refined sugars by humans can cause adverse changes in various cardiovascular disease risk factors, including an increase in serum levels of triglycerides, insulin, and uric acid; a rise in blood pressure; an increase in platelet adhesiveness; and a decrease in HDL-cholesterol levels.
Physicians also associated the term "comfort" with adhesiveness, but fewer patients felt the same (52.0%, 35.0%, resp.) (Figure 5).
Authors stated previous research that "Prostaglandin E2 is involved in the classic signs of inflammation and possesses both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory actions; thromboxane A2, formed by platelets, macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes, can induce vasoconstriction and promotes aggregation of platelets as well as adhesiveness of polymorphonuclear neutrophils; leukotriene B4 (LTB4) can not only increase vascular permeability and enhance local blood flow by stimulating neutrophil secretion, but also stimulate other inflammatory substances."