adhesive plaster

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adhesive tape used in dressing wounds

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The result was positive (+++) for thiuram mix (Figure 1), which was found in the surgical adhesive plaster used by the operator to fix a surgical mask to his glasses to prevent them becoming fogged.
Emmanuel David, 11, was badly burned in an accident when he was three months old and has had a terrible open wound on his head ever since, which is usually just covered with an adhesive plaster.
Ever since he has had a terrible open wound on his head which is usually covered with just an adhesive plaster. Just pounds 620 would pay for a skin graft operation which could help the wound heal, money which his poverty-stricken family simply cannot afford.
Most of the time the wound is simply covered with an inadequate adhesive plaster and although he did receive an earlier skin graft to help other wounds on his face, the main injury could not be treated because it was septic.