adhesive plaster

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adhesive tape used in dressing wounds

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Neglecting the weight of the adhesive plaster base (0.
His favorite adhesive plaster consisted of thick tar, gum turpentine, Burgundy pitch and beeswax.
This tiny magnetic ball is placed, using strong adhesive plaster, on the shenmen (heart) point of both ears.
Contract awarded for Bandage, Cotton wool, Sterile gloves, Surgical gloves, Cotton wool sticks, Elastic bandage, Adhesive plaster, Gauze pads, Sterile napkins, Pc systems
Emmanuel David, 11, was badly burned in an accident when he was three months old and has had a terrible open wound on his head ever since, which is usually just covered with an adhesive plaster.
Adhesive plaster antimicrobial for fixation of catheters and cannula, atraumatic dressing with ointment, atraumatic dressing with ointment, atraumatic bandage, adhesive plaster sterile postoperative antimicrobial
Ever since he has had a terrible open wound on his head which is usually covered with just an adhesive plaster.