adhesive agent

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She also put an adhesive agent in the keyhole of the door of the couple's condominium in October that year and distributed fliers defaming the woman around the elementary school attended by the woman's child, according to the ruling.
Our results clearly showed that when an adhesive agent is applied between the previously etched enamel surface and the sealant material, retention in MIH molars is substantially increased.
The adhesion depends on the individual characteristics of the fiber and rubber, the adhesive agent used, and the processing conditions.
A patent has been issued for a laminate film made up of an adhesive layer composed of an adhesive agent. The first resin layer is composed of a polypropylene resin and the first resin layer is formed above the adhesive layer.
The back surface includes a secured region which is secured by an adhesive agent applied over the full width to the supporting tape, and is outwardly adjacent to the first end.
"The added nanoparticles boost the physical-mechanical resistance of the ultimate product on one hand, and form a strong bond with the adhesive agents to block the exit pathways of the toxic formaldehyde gas and prevent its emission up to a great deal, on the other hand," Salari added.
The hydrophilic monomer HEMA is a common component of adhesive agents to improve their infiltration into moist substrates.