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Synonyms for adhesion

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Synonyms for adhesion

the close physical union of two objects

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Synonyms for adhesion

abnormal union of bodily tissues

a fibrous band of scar tissue that binds together normally separate anatomical structures

Related Words

the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition

faithful support for a cause or political party or religion

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This is an advanced metal adhesion technology where metal adhesion values can be achieved of up to 5N/15mm.
Conclusion: We concluded that the frequency of efficacy of intranasal splints for the prevention of nasal adhesion following septal surgery is significantly higher when compared with nasal packing.
The film is either untreated or corona treated on the other surface, while metallization is carried out on the specially treated composite surface imparting metal adhesion or bond strength of > 1200 gram-force/in.
Compared to other laparotomies, peritoneal healing occurring after CS is slightly different because the 14- to 18-week-sized puerperal uterus in the midline would push the omentum and intestines through the peritoneal incision, delaying the natural peritoneal healing process and thus facilitating the adhesion formation in between the pushed organs, binding the anterior abdominal wall to uterus, omentum, and intestine as well [8-10].
During a history of 14 years, she had been operated twice for abdominal adhesions, at the second intervention with application of 4% icodextrin solution for adhesion prevention.
Mechanical barriers are available in two forms: free-floating abdominal instillates or membrane barriers; both prevent adhesion formation by preventing tissue apposition during the time period of peritoneal repair and adhesion development.
While planning our study, we were focused on that ADSCs would have an anti-inflammatory effect, decrease the intraabdominal adhesion, and might prevent it.
Adhesion to thin film substrates has been a formulation hurdle for UV chemists over many years.
Objective: To evaluate the relationship between striae gravidarum (SG) score and abdominal scar characteristics together with intraperitoneal adhesion (IPA) grades of patients who were hospitalized for second cesarean delivery.
However, the effective use of traction power of the HHEL is limited by the wheel-rail adhesion conditions, which is affected by temperature, humidity, and surface condition.
The adhesion barrier market is growing due to increasing geriatric population, increase in volume of surgeries and increasing sports related injuries.