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Synonyms for compliance

Synonyms for compliance

an act of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

the quality or state of willingly carrying out the wishes of others

Synonyms for compliance

acting according to certain accepted standards

a disposition or tendency to yield to the will of others

the act of submitting

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H7: Hope will mediate the relationship between perceptions of control dimensions and adherence to treatment regimens.
Adherence to treatment in adults receiving ART was monitored by pill count at scheduled clinic visits, and expressed as the percentage of the prescribed doses that had actually been taken since the previous visit.
The ROC analysis was used to assess accuracy of numbers of correct answers in prediction of adherence to treatment.
13,14) Among South Africans, cultural and social attitudes and belief systems are speculated as common reasons for poor adherence to treatment.
Nurse enhancement improves patients' adherence to treatment, their quality of life and their functional status.
However, regular CD4 and viral load testing could provide patients with the psychological boost of being able to see the progress they are making by strictly following their ARV treatment, and this would encourage greater adherence to treatment.
Adherence to treatment constitutes one of the largest barriers to optimal use of medications, but counselors can use the therapeutic process to enhance adherence.
Specifically, it might be helpful for healthcare providers to elicit and understand patients' and families' conceptualizations of diabetes and its management, thereby enhancing patient-provider relationship and patients' adherence to treatment recommendations.
They concluded that adherence to treatment and drug routines was not a serious problem where the therapies were available in Africa.
Professor Rollnick said, 'This has had a huge impact on adherence to treatment where the mothers have employment, support each other and can pay for transport to attend the clinic and feed their children.
However, patient adherence to treatment for LTBI is low.
In this study, based on claims data, lack of access to certain brand-name medication was associated with increased overall hospital admissions and a negative impact on selected measures of adherence to treatment guidelines, implying there were potential quality-of-care concerns.
1) (2) Adherence to treatment of chronic conditions, such as hypertension, is difficult for patients, and percentages of nonadherence as high as 50% are commonly observed in clinical practice.
Like other forms of health care, physiotherapy is not immune to the problem of poor adherence to treatment, but the extent of this problem remains unclear (Sluijs et al.
Although much of the text addresses the medical issues of the disease process and the rehabilitation effort, significant attention is paid to other factors of importance in the rehabilitation of children with rheumatic disease: adherence to treatment regimens, pain management strategies, and developmental perspectives in evaluation and treatment of children and their families.