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the quality of being able to meet a need satisfactorily: "he questioned the adequacy of the usual sentimental interpretation of the Golden Rule"


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Since there is no agreed upon or globally tolerable statistic as an index of ensuring model adequateness, for this reason, different indices were measured to check the models.
is teetering on the brink of becoming insolvent and falling under court receivership as its main creditor Korea Development Bank (KDB) rejected the final self-rescue plan that the troubled shipper submitted on Thursday questioning its feasibility and adequateness.
"Discussing one's own lesson plans creates opportunities for preservice teachers to consider the adequateness of the instructional decisions and to think through the link between their lesson plan and classroom practice" (Ruys et al., 2012, p.
It is also worth noting as well the debatable representativeness and adequateness of the use of the term "communist heritage tourism" when referring to the tourism use of local heritage associated to the European Communist past (Caraba, 2011).
Too many Protection Authorities use standard orders for various categories of vulnerable adults and do not necessarily verify their adequateness in each individual case.
In particular, we investigate the adequateness of an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm (EDA) [6], an evolutionary algorithm based on probabilistic modelling of the search space, to exploit the channel's relationship and pick out the subset that yields the best performance.
Doubts about the timeliness and adequateness of the individual confession on the side of humans cannot, according to Lutheran interpretation, annul the validity or lead to non-recognition or 'repetition' of baptism." (38) Mennonites see "their practice of baptism upon individual confession of faith as an adequate connexion in regard to the content and time of the gift of God, on the one side, and the response of the candidate on the other side." (39)
Three illustrative real examples have been selected in order to validate the fitness-for-purpose of the m-AssIST model from the point of view of using the properties to reflect about the necessary meaningful interactions in the authentic context and the adequateness of the scaffolding mechanisms used to provide assistance before, during and/or after the activity.
For the final stage of the translation process, the instrument was administered to three participants with the goal of verifying the adequateness of the vocabulary and the unambiguous understanding of the items, which were discussed with the participants after application of the questionnaire.
The Kaiser-Maiyer-Olkin (KMO) measure of sampling adequateness is a statistic which show the percentage of variance in the variables which might be caused by new factors.
One can, however, question the adequateness of the soundslide report when viewed as an autonomous journalistic document.
Participants were asked to elaborate on their response to the adequateness of their tertiary studies.