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the quality of being able to meet a need satisfactorily: "he questioned the adequacy of the usual sentimental interpretation of the Golden Rule"


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the justification of IFETEL's resolution subject to judicial review, is enough to hold on a reasonable manner the determination of the preponderant economic agent in the broadcast sector based only on free-to-air TV service, considering that [IFT] is a specialized entity, its decision is consistent with the end sought by the Constitutional Assembly and [within] the scope of its discretional faculties that it has to assess the facts and then act; additionally, [IFT] it justifies with reasons that appear admissible, the adequateness and reasonableness of its conclusions.
Set up a realistic validation environment, representative of the target ATM solution, through which to perform validation exercises aimed at validating the feasibility and assessing the adequateness of the procedures, technologies, and human resources issues proposed.
The Kaiser-Maiyer-Olkin (KMO) measure of sampling adequateness is a statistic which show the percentage of variance in the variables which might be caused by new factors.
One can, however, question the adequateness of the soundslide report when viewed as an autonomous journalistic document.
Participants were asked to elaborate on their response to the adequateness of their tertiary studies.
395); [15] Adequateness of laws and regulation to promote foreign entrepreneurship, coming from developing or developed nations (K-S test: 0,923); [16] Perception on: foreigners from developing or developed nations must confront a greater number of formalities to start up than natives (K-S test: 0.
Sections 1, 2 and 6 of the questionnaire received a descriptive statistical treatment, aimed at (i) detailing the sample's profile, (ii) establish the level of adequateness of the demand negotiation process which existed prior to the deployment of the model under evaluation and their main reasons and (iii) establish the level of adequateness of the situation regarding the negotiation of demands after the deployment of the relationship model and their main reasons.
Purpose: To evaluate the late-term visual adequateness of driver license holders.
Also supporting the adequateness of corpus materials selected is the fact that, unlike other publishers, Elsevier online blurbs offered more complete information about the textbook author and about its intended readership.
Analyzing such kind of statements unsupported with evidence, which become frequent, one begins doubting adequateness and maturity of such politicians.
Medical students' negative attitudes and biases toward their poor patients have clear implications for the medical students' future behavior and the adequateness of the health care these potential doctors will provide to their impoverished patients (Wear & Kuczewski, 2008).
The exercises were evaluated in terms of fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration, expressiveness and adequateness.