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in an adequate manner or to an adequate degree


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He knew that he had done well, and though the second part of the examination was viva voce and he was more nervous, he managed to answer the questions adequately. He sent a triumphant telegram to Mildred when the result was announced.
Yet, transmuted into human terms of thought and understanding, it adequately describes the fulness of his state of mind toward Del Mar.
Miss Pink rose slowly, with a dignity that looked capable of adequately receiving--not one noble lady only, but the whole peerage of England.
I refuted them to the best of my power; but that power was provokingly small, at the moment, for I was too much flurried with indignation - and even shame - that he should thus dare to address me, to retain sufficient command of thought and language to enable me adequately to contend against his powerful sophistries.
But in public who shall express the unseen adequately? It is private life that holds out the mirror to infinity; personal intercourse, and that alone, that ever hints at a personality beyond our daily vision.
Nearly three in five people are saving adequately for their retirement - marking the highest proportion recorded in 15 years, a report released today has found.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 23 (ANI): India on Tuesday said that it is adequately prepared to deal with the impact of the US decision to not grant any fresh sanction waivers for Iranian oil imports.
'Though the students would write the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in June this year, they have not been prepared adequately to write it,' he said.
The council failed keep Mr C adequately informed of the progress of the case and failed to follow certain procedures, the report said.
Under Virginia law, however, "the author or originator of defamation is liable for a republication or repetition thereof by third persons, provided that it is the natural and probable consequence of his act, or he has presumptively or actually authorized or directed its republication." The court finds that Adams adequately alleges that a natural and probable consequence of CHKD disclosing false information about Adams to Security Collection was that Security Collection would then report Adams's "unpaid" invoice to others, including Equifax.
'These migrants are adequately accommodated and receive appropriate care.
Summary: All ATM machines should be adequately stocked with bank notes during the festive season.
Scottish Widows claimed the current minimum earnings threshold puts an "unfair barrier" in the way of low-paid workers and their ability to prepare adequately for retirement.
A survey has said that economically active Singaporeans are not adequately covered for prolonged critical illness.
Regeneron (REGN) announced that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan has granted marketing and manufacturing authorization for Dupixent for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults not adequately controlled with existing therapies.