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having the requisite qualities for

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Examiners considered Bank's level of participation in community development investment activities adequate to serve the needs of its assessment area.
Final regulations(9) define disclosure adequate to trigger the three-year statute of limitations (SOL) for both Federal gift and estate tax purposes.
and b) Is it adequate to generate the information needed to inform public health decision making?
In addition, manufacturer's tests on the approved HIV test system have been carefully reviewed by the FDA to assure that the tests conducted were themselves adequate to demonstrate that the system is capable of yielding accurate, dependable results.
The court also concluded that the length and breadth of the JRC decision was adequate to satisfy the Act's reasonable effort requirement.
Under that standard, the defendant must demonstrate that their procedure is adequate to provide a fair and unbiased review.
The court held that the former inmate's allegations that the single blanket he was allowed in a holding cell was not adequate to keep him warm, and that cockroaches climbed on him while he slept, did not state Eighth Amendment claims where he did not complain to any officers or officials that the cell was uncomfortable or unsanitary.
2701 and 2702 gifts were disclosed on a gift tax return in a way that was "adequate to apprise" the IRS of the nature of the transfer at issue.
While these facts (especially the presence of the salesmen in Arkansas) might have been adequate to establish sufficient presence nexus and therefore subject the Tennessee corporation to Arkansas's use tax jurisdiction (under the rationale of Northwestern States Portland Cement(16)), the actual sales transactions were found to have insufficient connection with Arkansas to permit that state to impose a tax on the sales.(17)
A significant issue, of course, is whether such an arrangement as existed here would have been adequate to subject the British entity to New York taxing jurisdiction.
Some studies have examined required margins in the equities market, others in the markets for financial futures; they have found the size of the required margins generally to be more than minimally adequate to protect participants from loss.
Ordinarily, documentary evidence will be considered adequate to support an expenditure if it includes sufficient information to establish the amount, date, place and the essential character of the expenditure.
According to the court, the fact that the city jail's laundry facilities were adequate to handle all of the pretrial detainees' clothing, and that laundry detergent was generally unavailable, did not rise to the level of constitutional violations, where the detainess had adequate opportunity to launder their clothes by hand.