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having the requisite qualities for

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Under that standard, the defendant must demonstrate that their procedure is adequate to provide a fair and unbiased review.
Before the October 1987 crash, the maintenance margin in the cash market was adequate to cover 98 percent of likely price changes based on prices from January 1986 through April 1988.
Additional security for bond holders is provided by the city's rate covenant, which requires maintenance of rates, fees and other charges adequate to pay at least 100% of annual debt service on all outstanding senior lien bonds as well as any subordinated indebtedness, including the utility improvement assessment bonds (Southeast 1 Area), series 2006.
The court held that the former inmate's allegations that the single blanket he was allowed in a holding cell was not adequate to keep him warm, and that cockroaches climbed on him while he slept, did not state Eighth Amendment claims where he did not complain to any officers or officials that the cell was uncomfortable or unsanitary.
Ordinarily, documentary evidence will be considered adequate to support an expenditure if it includes sufficient information to establish the amount, date, place and the essential character of the expenditure.
While these facts (especially the presence of the salesmen in Arkansas) might have been adequate to establish sufficient presence nexus and therefore subject the Tennessee corporation to Arkansas's use tax jurisdiction (under the rationale of Northwestern States Portland Cement(16)), the actual sales transactions were found to have insufficient connection with Arkansas to permit that state to impose a tax on the sales.
A significant issue, of course, is whether such an arrangement as existed here would have been adequate to subject the British entity to New York taxing jurisdiction.
93% being provided to the B4 class may not be adequate to cover future losses.
Fitch believes the current enhancement these classes provide to the B4 are adequate to cover expected losses.
We believe that the 2003 reimbursement rates for Medicare hospital outpatient procedures that implant ANS' devices is adequate to cover both the cost of our device and the hospital procedure," said Chris Chavez, ANS' President and Chief Executive Officer.
AES Panama's strategy is to utilize interim financing through commercial banks that is adequate to complete construction of both Esti and Bayano projects, and eventually refinance this interim financing with the permanent financing.
Additional supplies were offered to New York hospitals and blood centers, but were declined as their supplies were deemed more than adequate to meet their needs.
The rating encompasses the recent liberalization of legal provisions backing the bonds which, given current and projected reserve levels, are adequate to support the single-'A' rating.
9% ownership in CEPA, should be adequate to cover its outstanding bank debt and fund its remaining current equity commitments.