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They were to frame a NATIONAL GOVERNMENT, adequate to the EXIGENCIES OF GOVERNMENT, and OF THE UNION; and to reduce the articles of Confederation into such form as to accomplish these purposes.
Suppose, then, that the expressions defining the authority of the convention were irreconcilably at variance with each other; that a NATIONAL and ADEQUATE GOVERNMENT could not possibly, in the judgment of the convention, be affected by ALTERATIONS and PROVISIONS in the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION; which part of the definition ought to have been embraced, and which rejected?
But is it necessary to suppose that these expressions are absolutely irreconcilable to each other; that no ALTERATIONS or PROVISIONS in the articles of the confederation could possibly mould them into a national and adequate government; into such a government as has been proposed by the convention?
Although adequate protection from a non-debtor is not specifically addressed in the Bankruptcy Code, the case law and legislative history now clearly support the proposition, but there is authority to the contrary.
1--Management Responsibility: Requires the foundry to state its policy on quality, define the responsibilities and authority of its people with regard to quality, allocate adequate resources to operating the system and provide a mechanism to review its effectiveness.
Along with adequate liquids, a diet with ample fiber and bulk to help move along the contents of the intestine and retain moisture is suggested.
The court also concluded that the length and breadth of the JRC decision was adequate to satisfy the Act's reasonable effort requirement.
Ratings further reflect the company's adequate level of capital and coverage metrics, particularly on a risk adjusted basis and moderate usage of leverage.
The No Child Left Behind Act requires each state to set a series of annual targets to ensure that all students make adequate yearly progress in achieving proficiency in reading and mathematics by 2013/14.
Most patients with colorectal cancer who underwent radical surgery with no preoperative radiation during 1988-2001 did not receive adequate lymph node evaluation, according to findings from a population-based study of the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results cancer registry.
The transferor's receipt of a partnership interest in exchange for his assets was not full and adequate consideration.
The Kimbell appeal arose after the District Court granted a summary judgment for the IRS and denied the taxpayer's summary judgment request over the issues of whether or not the transfer of property to an FLP formed two months prior to death, in exchange for partnership interests, was for full and adequate consideration and whether or not the decedent had retained control under IRC Sec.
Where we disagree most with the authors is about how best to estimate the indirect costs of NCLB--the costs associated with meeting targets for adequate yearly progress.
Proposed new federal regulations governing suitability in the sale of deferred variable annuities are just a form of "regulatory grandstanding," and are not needed because adequate regulations already exist, said a vice president with the American Council of Life Insurers.
We're taking a second look at the Natural River Management Plan and continuing to evaluate whether it's adequate to protect the Arroyo toad or not,'' said Crede Clayton, a Fish and Wildlife biologist.