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Synonyms for adeptness

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

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Synonyms for adeptness

skillful performance or ability without difficulty

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Social skills Adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others.
Thankfully, the adeptness of the speech readers ensured their touchline antics didn't go unpunished.
Drug chains' adeptness with pharmacy technology offers a major opportunity to build these services into retailers' established work flow, according to Roberts.
Helgeland keeps the action as slick, tight and cool as possible while Mel once again proves his adeptness at making the most of a witty and intelligent script.
Admittedly some of their material demeans their dignity, two negligible settings by young American composer Augusta Read Thomas memorable only for the vocal dexterity drawn from the performers, the arid patternings of Chen Yi's Wild Grass displaying their adeptness in singing in Chinese.
Unlike most previous studies, this one allows researchers to control statistically for each mother's personality traits, her adeptness at child rearing, and other important family influences before evaluating child care's contribution to infant attachment, asserts study coauthor Sarah Friedman of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) in Bethesda, Md.
Accepting of the new environment, Harper Jr.'s humble personality and adeptness at teamwork set the tone for the team.
"It will be a showcase of adeptness and readiness of our students in times of fire and other emergencies," said BFP - Roxas City Public Information Officer FO3 Marlon Garbo.
Organised by Payload Asia and supported by Logistics Insight Asia, the Annual Awards recognizes the air cargo supply chain organisations that have made a difference in the industry - those that have risen above the challenges through market adeptness, innovative products or superior strategy - to excel and make a positive impact on the market.
Our country, despite its low income, seems to be most ready for 3G and other broadband applications because of its subscribers agility and adeptness in using their mobile phones for data applications.
Silver Sparrow is Jones's third novel, and she writes with the adeptness and grace of one who is both gifted and highly skilled at her craft.
Sharing the rostrum with Noseda, cellist Peter Dixon represented the Don with huge character, his fullness of tone and rhapsodic expressiveness masking the adeptness required to parry in perfect time, with principal viola Steven Burnard and leader Yuri Torchinsky.
Patrick Vieira was Wenger's first signing for the Gunners, a pounds 4.5m deal that came to epitomise his adeptness in the transfer market.
Some individuals regularly achieve far more empathic accuracy than others, but investigators find that nearly everyone overestimates his or her adeptness at this skill.