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Synonyms for adeptness

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Synonyms for adeptness

skillful performance or ability without difficulty

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It could be that conservatives, for all their adeptness in the world of punditry, are simply outclassed by liberal reporters' talent for uncovering scandals -- and giving them traction.
Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QC) Chairman Abdul Aziz Mohammad al Nuaimi opened the event in which 30 pilots from the GCC countries especially UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait apart from Qatar are participating to prove their flying skills as well as adeptness at operating different kinds of general aviation machines.
The doing-more-with-less ethos really means doing more with what you have, and doing it better, more efficiently, and with great adeptness.
Her use of efficacy to explain and understand the religious lives of early Chinese settlers to Manitoba demonstrates the adeptness of these settlers in not only making lives for themselves in a foreign land but also making these lives meaningful as well.
But Lydia has demonstrated her adeptness at dealing with the golfing nuances and the huge surge of interest provoked by her results.
They reconfirmed the role by giving the gene back to the malformed fish - studied for their adeptness at regeneration - which then became essentially normal.
He takes care to describe only elementary features of the software, focusing on analysis techniques rather than computer adeptness.
Blacklisted from the PTA" is the musings of Lela Davidson as she waxes philosophical on the nature of the modern family and how we are expected to do everything in spite of having no adeptness in skill at any of it.
Beautiful, exotic illustrations bring the animal but human-like characters to life, and children will delight in the adeptness of Kwaku Ananse and indeed all the animals.
Thus, van Maas proposes a daunting thesis in The Reinvention of Religious Music, one that requires a scholar who can negotiate the subtleties of the musicological, philosophical, and theological aspects of Messiaen's music with equal adeptness.
Technical adeptness and fortitude to complete the mission do not solely define engineer Soldiers these days.
With a certain adeptness, it takes a bit extra from the parent to embrace it and let that talent flourish.
England identified Dernbach, ahead of Chris Woakes among the other likely candidates to replace Shahzad, because of his adeptness with changes of pace which they hope will prove invaluable in the knockout stages of this sub-continental World Cup.
Summary: A glance at the resume of Lebanon's new Maronite patriarch reveals a supreme adeptness for matters both spiritual and legal.
They largely perform based upon their perceptions of personal adeptness rather than luck, random change, or other external factors.