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Synonyms for adept

Synonyms for adept

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for adept

someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field

having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

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As before, effortless learning takes place with adeptly incorporated vocabulary, aka the "B" gallery, which includes lots of techno-speak ("B4N") and popular lingo or slang words ("buzzkill") as well as foreign words ("bon voyage" and "bok choy") and just plain fun words (like "bodacious").
This service vertical market offers resellers an opportunity to focus on a growing industry and specialize in learning the unique needs of this audience and how Single Source products so adeptly solve the distinctive needs of a company s entire service operation, from the call center to schedule/dispatch and field service.
Nor is Paul Adam afraid to potentially extend readers' vocabulary while adeptly getting the meaning across.
Don spent more than 25 years with Interstate, adeptly guiding its Food and Beverage concepts and operations through the many changes our industry has experienced.
The artwork of Chris Sprouse is hard to categorize: it's modern yet classic and provides powerful images, and is adeptly captured in Todd Dezago and Eric Nolen-Weathington's Modern Masters V.
Prior to opening the Kuwaiti branch, Pause Business Center has conducted extensive studies for months into the Kuwaiti market, its needs and objectives, so as to cater to the needs of Kuwaiti investors in the Jordanian market effectively and adeptly.
The Wave, Muscat has adeptly met all challenges that have come its way.
Ward adeptly shows that local expressions of Anglicanism did not politely wait to appear until the end of formal colonialism in the twentieth century (which is itself a colonialist fantasy) but were present from the beginning--a fact that paradoxically demonstrates the success of the initial missions.
The complexities of the world, the interrelationships of the royals throughout Europe, and the simmering of revolt are all dealt with adeptly and thoroughly.
On a mini-golf course temporarily assembled on the floor of the Department's auditorium, the golfer known as "Lefty" adeptly demonstrated how angles, friction, and motion all contribute to the direction a golf ball rolls.
The tension builds adeptly in a fairly wellmade film, although there's no attempt at characterisation.
Adeptly handled and professionally managed, the show included children from age 12-14 and the other group from age 14 -16.
Borowski, who adeptly uses the vernacular and tactics of poker to expound on his parenting ideas.
The author adeptly captures his feelings of betrayal and anger towards his father, and also the tremendous impact that this huge revelation has on Cisco's own sense of self as he struggles to even admit to himself his gnawing fear: if my father is gay, and I am so much like him, am I gay too?
However, not surprisingly, in "the untold story," as captured through the lens of director Robert De Niro, the CIA was founded as an anti-communist organization that went on to fight the good fight, though not always successfully or adeptly, against Soviet spies and designs during the Cold War.