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any of a group of viruses including those that in humans cause upper respiratory infections or infectious pinkeye

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Our strength is not only the innovative technology for adenoviral vector production, but also the capability to create the most comprehensive collection of human full-length cDNA clones in the world,” said Dr.
This suggests that contact lens wearers who contract acute adenoviral conjunctivitis should simply dispose of their contacts and buy new ones after the illness has resolved.
Construction of HLA-G siRNA vectors: The construction of the HLA-G siRNA vectors and adenoviral infection in vitro was described elsewhere (20).
The second study[2] looked at the potential for a prophylactic vaccine based on similar novel adenoviral vectors technology ( replicative-defective human Ad6 and a novel simian AdCh3 vector that encode 1985 amino-acids derived from the NS3-5 region of a genotype-1b strain).
72h after adenoviral transduction HEK293-cells were scraped from the bottom of the Petri dishes and immediately, together with the supernatant frozen at -80[degrees]C, until further processing.
Infectivity enhancement for adenoviral transduction of canine osteosarcoma cells.
The underlying technologies have been validated by our ability to supply high quality adenoviral vectors for our clinical development programs and by the selection of Introgen, under a process guided by the Food and Drug Administration, to manufacture the worldwide adenoviral reference material for use by companies and academic institutions developing adenovirus-based products.
Secondly, the Adenoviral Vector Delivery System for pigs and poultry delivers Imugene's highly effective poultry productivity enhancer.
Robust generation of new hair cells in the mature mammalian inner ear by adenoviral expression of Hath1.
Dr Andreas Clausen, head of the clinical project team for the ICVTA12 trial, said: 'The start of this clinical trial means that our aim of producing a safe and effective therapy for Adenoviral Keratoconjunctivitis has taken a step forward.
C6, a human cell manufacturing platform, and the industry standard for production of recombinant adenoviral vectors.
including a non-replicating adenoviral vector, have been studied in animals and are now being studied in Phase I clinical trials in humans.
Initial studies by Nabel and others (4,5) determined the feasibility of vascular gene transfer with retroviral vectors, nonviral systems, and recombinant adenoviral vectors.
Four weeks after receiving injections of adenoviral vectors containing the SERCA2a gene into both heart ventricles, the animals showed significantly higher survival rates (63%) than either those treated with marker genes (9%) or the control group (18%).
There currently is no approved, non-toxic therapy for adenoviral infections.