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(biochemistry) a nucleoside that is a structural component of nucleic acids

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Caffeine's well-documented physiological effect on alertness originates from its actions as an antagonist of adenosine receptors in the brain.
By disrupting adenosine signaling in the auditory thalamus, we have extended the window for auditory learning for the longest period yet reported, well into adulthood and far beyond the usual critical period in mice," said corresponding author Stanislav Zakharenko, M.
The contract will include a close collaboration between both parties to develop and test new agents targeting key adenosine receptors.
Administration of adenosine ameliorates the histological changes induced by gamma irradiation in the heart.
Her team discovered that stem cells take up calcium phosphate to produce ATP, a metabolic molecule, which then breaks down into adenosine and signals the stem cells to become osteoblasts.
Adenosine is a pharmaceutical product for use in Angiograms to create stressed cardiac conditions.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape for Adenosine Receptor A3 (ADORA3)
Diagnostic value of adenosine deaminase in tuberculous pleural effusion: a meta-analysis.
Conclusion: Physical stress with adenosine Tc-99m sestamibi myocardial perfusion imaging not only reduces adenosine induced side effects but also enhances image quality, and reduces artifacts.
Adenosine is able to increase these currents facilitating the membrane hyperpolarization and restoring the excitability threshold (Figure 1).
The remaining consecutive patients were divided into a sensitive group (S group) or an insensitive group (I group) according to the adenosine test.
The study showed that adenosine, a metabolite released when the body was under stress or during an inflammatory response, stopped the process of adipogenesis, when adipose (fat) stem cells differentiated into adult fat cells.
Structurally, caffeine closely resembles a molecule that's naturally present in our brain called adenosine, so much so, that caffeine can fit neatly into our brain cells' receptors for adenosine, effectively blocking them off.
The net effect of this inhibition is the accumulation of AICAR and its metabolites, which are inhibitors of adenosine deaminase and AMP deaminase.