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The cervical echography showed a heterogeneous multinodular goiter and a suspect right submandibular adenomegaly. The thyroid function (TSH, FT4) was normal.
Among the 31 pregnant women evaluated, 16 (51.6%) did not have a record of any clinical symptom, eight (25.8%) were asymptomatic, and seven (22.5%) showed symptoms, such as fever (6.5%), adenomegaly (6.5%), flu-like symptoms (6.5%), and myalgia (3.2%).
At the time of physical examination, the patient appeared acutely ill with fever (41[degrees]C), dehydration, somnolence, conjunctivitis, facial edema, cervical adenomegaly, soft depressible abdomen painful to palpation, and hepatomegaly.
He was accepted at Santa Casa de Misericordia de Santos with a history of evening fever for 46 days at 38[degrees]C, arthralgia in major articulations, myalgia, weight loss of 10 kg, anemia, hepatosplenomegaly of 5 cm and adenomegaly of fibroelastic consistence, 1 to 2 cm long, in inguinal, axillary, and posterior cervical chains, as well as jaundice +/++++.
quintana chronic peripheral (4) or mediastinal adenomegaly (5) who lived in good hygienic conditions and had no evidence of body lice infestation but did have close contact with cats.