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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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This delay was compounded by the following issues: 1) presence of bulbar palsy at the start of disease, in the absence of any ocular symptoms, 2) coexistence of bulbar and thyrotoxicosis symptoms, and 3) history of multinodular adenomatous goiter and recent thyroid biopsy that mislead attention to thyroid disease complications, causing swelling of thyroid gland and obstructive symptoms.
Among them colloid goiter was 36.66% followed by benign cystic lesion (24.66%), and adenomatous goiter (10.66%).
At the age of 68, the patient underwent left thyroidectomy due to adenomatous goiter. Intravenous 70 mg of propofol and 100 [micro]g of fentanyl were administered for induction of general anesthesia, and 50 mg of rocuronium was used to facilitate tracheal intubation with a 6.5 mm ID endotracheal tube.
Adenomatous goiter was the commonest non neoplastic lesion, follicular adenoma was the commonest benign neoplastic lesion where is papillary carcinoma was the commonest malignant lesion.
Nagao, "Detection of ret(TPC)/PTC transcripts in thyroid adenomas and adenomatous goiter by an RT-PCR method," Oncogene, vol.
Hurthle cell nodules of the thyroid can result from nonneoplastic conditions such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, adenomatous goiter, and Graves' Disease.[1] Conversely, neoplastic nodules may be composed of Hurthle cells.
In our study, by cell block diagnosis, the Non-neoplastic cases were 58(64.44%) of colloid goiter, adenomatous goiter 6(6.67%) cases, multi nodular goiter 1(1.11%) case, thyroid cyst 3(3.33%) cases and Hashimoto's thyroiditis 1(1.11%) case.
[5,6,7,8] Large numbers of benign lesions undergo surgery because FNA cannot distinguish between, adenomatous goiter, follicular adenoma and carcinoma on the basis of cyto-morphology.