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sounding as if the nose were pinched


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Adenoidal epithelium, located at the interface of the host and environment, is a part of the innate immune function and protects against inhaled pathogens.
In these patients, adenoidectomy is frequently considered; however, removal of the adenoidal pad alone, in cases of untreated nasal allergy, will yield disappointing results because the anterior nasal vault will remain obstructed from inferior turbinate hypertrophy.
Detection of adenoidal hypertrophy using acoustic rhinomanometry.
For all that it is largely magnificent, in a way we shall not see again, exciting and imposing like 19th-century political oratory, which shames the adenoidal maunderings we endure today.
Rather, Mailer's voice is a deliberate construction pieced together from bits of others' voices in order to mask the adenoidal voice of his childhood.
Miliband had hour-long surgery to correct a 'deviated septum' in his nose, but hopes that it might alter his adenoidal speaking manner have apparently been dashed.
In her famously adenoidal voice, she sings about the men she will cheat on, those she will use up, and the ones she intends to spit out.
It is absolutely essential that allergy testing is done in patients with suspected allergic rhinitis since conditions such as adenoidal hypertrophy, foreign body in the nose, chronic infective sinusitis and nasal polyps may mimic the signs and symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
Third, pollutants may result in adenoidal hyperplasia, resulting in narrowing of the Eustachian tubes.
The viral envelope protein, glycoprotein 120 (gpl20), binds to the CD4+ molecule on dendritic cells in cervicovaginal epithelium as well as tonsillar and adenoidal tissue, which may serve as initial target cells in infection transmitted via genital-oral sex.
They are ingrained and compulsive to the extent that McPhule has not invented the drives that he manipulates; the narrator reinforces that fact by reporting that "the majority of [the Reverend's individual partners] were middle-aged wives and adenoidal and neurotic young girls" (168).
He persists in singing, in that adenoidal way of his, but he sounds weedy when the real pros, like Ruby Turner,his long-time sparring partner, take over the vocal duties.
Well, he had issues like the broken bell of ancestral tone deafness, an analgesic of a voice he would smoke in that bitter way men of drama offer, thumb and index finger, pain at inhale or there would be the burnt tire blues constantly dickered with, "baby too much trouble for a smile/I'll love you for your soft umber hills/ anyways, I'll stay a while/" just a raspy croak, Calandria and rebar, the water park one block off the Muqatta, adenoidal squeals of children and the chevron scat of heavy tracked vehicles marking up the streets, he sits in an armless chair and listens to cacophony with no commercial breaks.
This is your captaid speakig," announced an adenoidal voice through the plane's loudspeaker.
It is the most emotionally satisfying, blending spot-on comedy and adenoidal sexual tension (Hermione pines for Ron, Harry pines for Ginny) with scenes of gutsy vulnerability.