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sounding as if the nose were pinched


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Part of the patients had a history of chronic rhinitis and adenoidal hypertrophy.
[sup][4] Several previous studies have elucidated potential pCRS environmental risk factors such as adenoidal microbial elements and biofilms, which may lead to persistent sinonasal infections.
All the children had an increase in the nasopharyngeal cavity with age and a decrease in adenoidal volume and nasopharyngeal obstruction after the age of seven years.
Is planet Earth so mind-bogglingly dull that seemingly rational people queue in their millions to ogle at intergalactic hobgoblins and little green men in silly Lycra costumes making adenoidal grunts?
The original "Cosmos,'' in which Sagan explored the origins and evolution of the universe and man's place in it (in his idiosyncratic, gently adenoidal tones), became a cultural landmark.
I know the cliche is very adenoidal, but I'm sure it's not like that really," he adds.
In patients, anti-inflammatory medications could be useful to alleviate the inflammation of the upper airway and also to reduce the adenoidal size in children with obstructive sleep apnea [74].
Hannuksela noted that children with documented adenoidal hypertrophies (on lateral headplates), had steeper mandibular plane angles.
While a smidgeon of local pride should be encouraged, actively encouraging youngsters to use this particularly adenoidal patois is to condemn them to the tail-end of the dole queue.
Snoring in children may be a sign of adenoidal hypertrophy.
In the '80s he was like some chart-bothering adenoidal android assailing the hit parade with coldly catchy synth-heavy rockers like Cars and Are Friends Electric?
Because I just think it's of that quality, and it belongs there." Cumberbatch is a self-confessed motormouth and a relentless mimic who, over the course of an hour, adopted the synthesised speech of Stephen Hawking, whom he portrayed in a British TV movie; and the rapid, adenoidal clip of both Abrams and Steven Spielberg, who directed him in War Horse.
The soft tissue at the posterior nasopharynx is the adenoidal tissue.
Detection of adenoidal hypertrophy using acoustic rhinomanometry.
For all that it is largely magnificent, in a way we shall not see again, exciting and imposing like 19th-century political oratory, which shames the adenoidal maunderings we endure today.