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We have 8 patients of primary malignant tumour, out of them 5 patients (62.5%) had mucoepidermoid carcinoma and 3 (37.5%) patients had adenocystic carcinoma on histology report.
In such cases, immunohistochemistry is needed for differential diagnosis to exclude mucocele, malignant lymphoma, lymphangioma, hemangioma, adenocystic carcinoma (ACC), and basal cell adenocarcinoma (BCAC).
The few other carcinomas of special types studied fell within the ranges of the ductal and lobular carcinomas, except for a low-grade adenocystic carcinoma composed of small cells packed closely together with a low MI.
Leiomyoma, squamous papilloma, spindle cell tumour, squamous cell carcinoma, invasive and adenocystic carcinoma was above 60 years of age, whereas hyperplastic squamous epithelium, erythroplakia, poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma, stratified squamous epithelium, leukoplakia, squamous cell carcinoma with welldifferentiated, keratinising squamous cell carcinoma, moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma and dysplastic squamous epithelium was above 50 years of age.
Histologically two were squamous cell carcinoma and one adenocystic carcinoma. In view of advanced stage of the disease patients were subjected for palliative radiotherapy.