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The hemlock woolly adelgid is a poppyseed-sized invasive insect that hitched a ride from southern Japan - probably on an ornamental hemlock tree - and landed in Richmond, Va.
They are advised to survey and monitor hemlock health and pests; conduct insecticide treatments when appropriate; and document and report any hemlock that appears resistant to hemlock woolly adelgid.
Kenneth Gooch, Forest Health Program supervisor for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, collects 10 sample branches of Hemlock woolly adelgid on Hemlock trees at Wells State Park in Sturbridge, in upper right photo.
The hemlock woolly adelgid lives on the sap of hemlocks.
Mitochondrial DNA from hemlock woolly adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) suggests cryptic speciation and pinpoints the source of the introduction to eastern North America.
Landscape patterns of hemlock decline in New England due to the introduced hemlock woolly adelgid.
Two types of resistance were observed: fewer adelgids settling on the trees, called 'antixenosis,' and slower growth and lower survival of the settled adelgids, called 'antibiosis.
Eastern hemlock is currently being threatened by the hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae), a defoliating insect.
Well-known examples of alien insect invasions include the chestnut blight disease, the Dutch elm disease, the gypsy moth, the Asian longhorn beetle, the Eurasian pine shoot beetle, and the hemlock woolly adelgid (Haack and Poland 2001, Fernandez 2003).
Over the past two decades, several exotic pests, such as the balsam woolly adelgid, Adelges piceae (Rathzeburg), beech scale, Cryptococcus fagisuga Lind.
They will also help you become aware of looming forest pest troubles, like gypsy moths or woolly adelgid (which targets hemlock trees).
Arnold Arboretum on the hemlock wooly adelgid, an introduced insect
The insect is the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (Adeleges tsugae) and in the eastern United States it has a very large food supply and no natural predators.
Asana is another spray that controls the balsam woolly adelgid, a European insect that has devastated Fraser firs in forest stands, flattening their tops, swelling their joints and hardening their wood.