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a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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Higher blood sugar increased the participants' CEdG adducts.A
The researchers also wanted to determine the molecular reasons why the adducts weren't being fixed properly by the cells.
Its primary action is by the interaction with DNA in order to for DNA adducts. Inducing the cell apoptosis to discuss its side effects and the possible mechanisms for its resistance.
The researchers found that in mice, tobacco smoke induces abundant aldehyde-induced ?-hydroxy-propano-deoxyguanosine (?-OH-PdG) and ?-methyl-?-OH-PdG adducts in the lung and bladder, but not in the heart and liver.
Herein we explore the differences between adducts of two cycloaliphatic diamines, IPDA and MCDA, and between adducts of MCDA and an arylyl diamine, m-xylylene diamine (MXDA).
In previously published research on these cohorts, the authors reported newborns born after the plant closure had lower levels of PAH-DNA adducts, lower rates of various health outcomes, and increased levels of BDNF.
In this paper, a possible formulation of thermo-reversible epoxy system (2Ph2Epo65) based on Diels Alder adducts has been discussed and experimentally investigated.
After metabolic activation catalyzed by a series of enzymes, some PAHs bind covalently to DNA to form the damaging DNA-PAH adducts [15].
A much larger study needs to be carried out in order to ascertain the extent of the association of DNA adducts with the neurological symptomology described above.
The ChemCraft 1.7 software was utilized for the visualization of all optimized conformers and adducts [25].
Life sciences company VolitionRx Limited (NYSE MKT:VNRX) revealed on Tuesday that it has received a US patent titled "Method for Detecting Nucleosome Adducts."
They enter in a cell through cellular membrane where they react in different subdomains of the cell to produce toxic compounds and finally reach to the nucleus where they react with DNA to produce DNA adducts [3].
Chemists explore reactions in organic synthesis in which three or more reactants are combined in a single operation to produce adducts that incorporate substantial portions of all the components.
Alcohol metabolism leads to hepatic oxygen deficits, adducts and ROS formation, and interaction between alcohol metabolites.