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a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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Jake Micallef, Chief Scientific Officer of VolitionRx, remarked, "This is a core technology patent for VolitionRx that we believe has an enormous potential application for non-invasive blood testing in cancer -- including the measurement of Estrogen Receptor Adducts and Androgen Receptor Adducts, which should be pivotal for the detection breast and prostate cancer disease respectively.
These adducts react with brain dopamine to form salsolinol, a chief chemical involved in the alcohol dependence mechanism.
Through this strategy, it was identified that an orally bioavailable, potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of Btk which forms a covalent but reversible adduct with the enzyme as confirmed through enzymology, co-crystal structure analysis and mass spectroscopic characterization.
Acetaldehyde attaches to DNA in humans to the genetic material that makes up genes in a way that results in the formation of a 'DNA adduct.
The persistence of mitomycin C-DNA adducts in the presence or absence of morphine sulfate was measured using [sup.
This paper reports the details of a synthetic strategy for preparing the urethane linkage-based prepolymers from several precursor compounds such as isocyanate adducts, sterols, and hydroxyesters, etc.
Using a novel assay that detects acetaminophen (APAP) protein adducts, the Acute Liver Failure Study Group had determined in a previous study that adducts were present in 7 (19%) of 36 cases diagnosed as indeterminate ALF.
At a mobile phase composition of 80% methanol, the sodium adducts were 130% and 114% that of the ammonium adducts for the Baker Analyzed LC/MS and Riedel-de Haen Chromasolv LC-MS methanols, 48% and 33% for the Fisher Optima and American Bioanalytical methanols, and 14% for the EMD Omnisolv methanol.
It also forms adducts with the brain signaling chemical (i.
Designed to be used with epoxy resins as surface treatments/primers on steel and other metals, ACTAN[R] DU15 and DU20 are quick-drying amine adducts with relative high H-equivalent weight in aqueous emulsions.
13]C ratios, ion adducts, multimers, isotopes, neutral losses and fragment ions, is considered by the software, providing molecular weight identification in less time than manual data review.
Furthermore, an in vivo study showed significant health benefit for 14 subjects treated for 4 weeks with the unique C-Med-100/mushroom extract formulation in that they had reduced pain, reduced fatigue, weight loss and a reduced presence of DNA damage in peripheral blood assessed by (8-OH) guanine DNA adducts and elevation in serum protein thiols.
Adducts, externally rotates the humerus, and extends the arm.
Webster, Partha Majumdar, Abdullah Ekin and Robert Pieper, North Dakota State University; "Synthesis and formulation of a removable conformal coating using Diels-Alder thermally-reversible adducts," J.