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a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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DNA adducts -- One of the most common oxidative damages to DNA coming from exposures to free radicals is the formation of (8-OH) guanine adducts.
Acrylamide forms when tobacco burns, but that observation didn't explain the acrylamide adducts in the nonsmoking volunteers.
Electrical conductivity of iodine adducts of nylon 6 and other nonconjugated polymers.
All tissue samples analyzed contained aristolochic acid-related DNA adducts.
During phonation, the normal VC may adduct beyond the midline and "compensate" for the abducted position of the paralyzed cord.
This damage can result from molecules attaching themselves to the NDA, a process called adduct formation.
Compared with those who picked up the habit later, participants who began smoking in their teens had many more adducts, compounds that latch onto the DNA and are thought to promote lung cancer.
The ALR/FTIR system was used to study the reaction of a steroid with a benzoquinone compound which yields a pair of diasteriomeric adducts.
As a result, they discovered that unbalanced levels of estrogen metabolites can cause estrogen-DNA adducts to form and damage, or mutate, cells.
In the sub domain of cytoplasm B react with protein to form protein adducts P.
Adducts and Adducts Podari Water Craiova Craiova Breasta
Bulky DNA adducts are a widely accepted and sensitive biomarker of the biologically effective dose of genotoxic agents in complex environmental exposures, including those in ambient air, tobacco smoke, and diet (Godschalk et al.
The NuQ products are based on the Nucleosomics platform, which detects and quantifies nucleosome structural features, including histone modifications and variations, DNA methylation patterns and nucleosome-protein adducts.
The Sr-mediated reaction produces high yields of both akylated and dialkylated adducts using alkyl halides with easy handling.