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The present study demonstrated the seasonal changes in biochemical composition of gonad-visceral mass, adductor muscle, foot, and mantle in the cockle F.
Logically, the force deployed by the phasic and tonic adductor muscles to close the valves must exceed that deployed by the ligament that opens them.
Lastly, while surgical release of hip adductors may help restore the balance between abdominal and hip adductor muscles, no recommendation can be made based on the current literature whether or not to perform adductor release concurrently with all sports hernia repairs.
The adductor muscles originate on large areas of the posterodorsal, posteroventral, and lateral interior walls of the head (20), (21), (22).
In New York and Massachusetts in the United States and in Atlantic Canada, development groups have attempted to produce the northern bay scallop commercially by growing their larvae in hatcheries and then rearing the juveniles to full market size in suspended nets and cages; only the adductor muscle of the scallop would be sold.
We present a case study of a person (63 year-old man), who has been using statins for 18 years, with rhabdomyolysis of the bilateral adductor muscles associated with strenuous and prolonged eccentric exercises (hiking) in a hot environment.
These findings can be explained by misdirected axonal regrowth, with random assignment of axons in the distal endoneurial tubules, and thus a random reinnervation of abductor and adductor muscles.
To help dancers prevent reinjury, American Ballet Theatre physical therapist Peter Marshall uses a progressive strengthening program to build up the hip adductor muscles that protect the groin.
Pulls and strains of the adductor muscles are the most common sources of the pain you've described.
Geoducks in the genus Panopeci are the largest hiatellid clams and are unique in many ways--with a fused siphon and mantle, incompletely enclosing valves, and proportionally small adductor muscles.
The Rock didn't appear at "Monday Night Raw" the night after WrestleMania because of a torn abdomen and adductor muscles.
Clam knives are sharper than those used for oysters, allowing you to quickly pry open the shells and cut the adductor muscles.
Following the Sydney Olympics, where he was injured, Surin did not train properly for almost four months and then in June he re-injured his adductor muscles.
Frenchman Raquil, who won a bronze medal in last year's World Championships, injured his adductor muscles last Wednesday ( another blow to an athlete whose build-up to the Games was already marred by an ankle injury.