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Fouling mussels were thin-shelled, had larger adductor muscles, and more tightly closing shell margins.
The harvest limits allow each person to collect two gallons (7.55 L) of whole scallops or one pint (0.47 L) of adductor muscle meat each day.
This response relies on contraction of the adductor muscle that works in opposition to the hinge ligament, the action of which is to separate the valves.
The soft parts were separated into three groups: toot visceral mass (gonad, digestive gland, and gastrointestinal tract; FV), adductor muscles (M), and gills-mantlesiphons (GMS).
The upper motor neuron dysfunction, such as in the cases of stroke, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis, can usually cause the spasticity of thigh adductor muscles. The spasticity of these muscles can affect patients in perineal hygiene, siting, and standing with subsequently results in disruption of normal daily life (Kwon et al.).
Massive adductor muscle contraction in transurethral surgery: cause and prevention; development of new electrical circuitry.
Any electrical stimulation caused by tumor resection involving the bladder may induce sudden adductor muscle contraction, which may lead to perforation of the bladder accompanied by extravesical spread of the tumor and even injury to the obturator artery [1-3, 22].
It has been found that differences in the hinge plate is affected by dentition, while muscle scar is associated with the adductor muscles attaching to it, and the pallial line is attributed to attachment of the mantle into the bivalve shell.
The adductor muscle group consists of six different muscles: pectineus, gracilis, obturator externus, adductor brevis, adductor longus, and adductor magnus.
An important question is whether clinicians really understand the importance of the adductor muscles. Adductor muscle injuries are present in 13 - 70% of groin injuries.
He had a slight tear in one of his adductor muscles very early on in the game against Blackpool that prevented him going away with Spain in the internationals.
(13) The combination of these forces along with inadequate abdominal strength or lack of flexibility can result in chronic damage to the pubic symphysis, enthesis, tendon, myotendinous junction and adductor muscles.
Cranial expansion is likely due to an increase in the mass of the adductor muscles which are responsible for closing the mandibles.
Restaurants have cooked and served the entire meats (adductor muscles and rims) of the scallops rather than only the muscles.