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Antonyms for adduct

a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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They were then oriented at 15 [degrees] of adduction (approximate coronal position of hip at normal heel strike) and loaded to 1400 N.
Through scope of investment and energy consumption, adductions have a significant share in the systems of water supply, and their rational design requires more optimization processes, among which an important place is held by optimizing their route (Nayyar, 2000).
Kim Young Ja, elder sister of Kim Young Nam, who was also abducted by North Korea, told reporters that their mother Choi Gye Wol will meet Megumi's father, Shigeru Yokota, as well as the kin of other Japanese victims of North Korean adductions.
Particular virtues of Cahill's bibliography are its many adductions of recent Indian scholarship, some in regional languages, and its assiduous cross-referencing of the many "editions" that have embellished the publication of traditional Sanskrit works in the course of the last century and a half--for example, the many versions of the same text published over the years bearing the Nirnaya Sagara Press imprint.