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(physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body

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Every individual underwent four tests: abduction, internal and external rotation, and horizontal adduction.
Gottschalk and Still's 1994 biomechanical model [2] of the amputated residual limb is cited in explanation of this abduction occurrence; yet the role of the prosthetic socket, even though the abduction recorded in the IRC limbs is significantly less than the quadrilateral (and would be considered adduction in the other studies), is not explored in-depth in the study.
For example, running counterclockwise forces the ITB in the left thigh to control a greater deceleration of adduction in the left hip.
This value is reached on the way (1, 2, 6, 7), thus resulting in optimal route of adduction as: [S.
Shakoor said in an interview, noting that increased loading results in increased adduction.
Laryngospasm is a prolonged form of vocal cord adduction that occurs under conditions of light anaesthesia and appropriate stimulation transmitted via the vagus nerve.
The contingency adduction theory proposes that untaught, complex skills may emerge with little or no direct instruction, because of the "sudden recombination" of the components that comprise them (Binder, 1996; Epstein, 1985; Johnson & Layng, 1992, 1994).
The Rubin maneuver involves transabdominal rocking of the fetal shoulders and transvaginal adduction of the most accessible shoulder (not necessarily the posterior one, as in the Woods maneuver) by pressing on the posterior aspect to collapse the shoulders inward.
Families and supporters of the adduction victims reject the claim and have been urging the government to also pressure Pyongyang for their return.
Patients with this disorder usually have localized pain anteriorly, especially with forward elevation, internal rotation, and cross-arm adduction.
Acrolein adduction of cysteine sulfhydryls near the active site of this enzyme has been implicated in the inhibitory effect of acrolein.
Radu puts his arms on my thighs and tells me to bring my thighs together in what's called adduction.
To perform hip abduction, adduction and extension exercises, users can attach an ankle strap (included) to the low pulley.
Tenders are invited for Improvement and Interconnection of the Three Subsystems of Adduction and Water Distribution.
Findings suggest that by 24 weeks participants wearing mobility footwear saw an 18 percent reduction in knee adduction moment (KAM)-the load on the inner or medial aspect of the knee when walking (where most people develop knee OA) compared to baseline knee loading in their own footwear.