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(physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body

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Group (p = 0.001), toe clip (p = 0.005) and workload (p = 0.035) main effects were significant for peak knee adduction angle (Table 3).
In the first phase (part 1, Exercise 4), we had participants do isometric hip adduction using elastic bands (Thera-Band[R], Akron, Ohio, USA).
The variation of secondary strength was in high correlation to the variation of primary strength with all correlation coefficients above 50%, especially elbow flexion during shoulder abduction and shoulder adduction during elbow extension with the correlation coefficients above 85% (Figure 4).
When a vertical deviation is greatest in adduction (overelevation in adduction), the primary oblique muscle overaction could be the commonest cause [19].
The measurement of the horizontal adduction was carried out with the patient lying on the side opposite to the shoulder being tested, with the superior limb being completely relaxed, dangling out of the table, so that the maximum horizontal adduction was obtained.
Seated in the same booth, the experimenter then administered an adduction test with the following verbal instructions: "Please calculate the following addition problems." Similar to the test used in Bucklin et al.
Endoscopy allows the surgeon to confirm accurate adduction and medialization.
L'infrastructure est reliee par une adduction sur une distance de 9 km.
At the laryngeal (sound source) level, vocal timbre can be modified by two basic physiological adjustments: (1) adduction of the posterior (cartilaginous) glottis, controlled by the singer when changing the quality of voice between "breathy" and "pressed"; (4) and (2) via the singing voice register.
I find another maneuver useful for a shoulder dystocia emergency: I locate the axilla of the anterior shoulder and place my index finger or index and middle finger in the axilla from the posterior aspect and gently rotate the anterior shoulder anteriorly (adduction), thereby reducing the diameter of the shoulders.
The other loading condition for different activities such as single-legged stance (denoted as case 1), abduction (case 2), adduction (case 3), and stair climbing (case 4) were also considered.
Based on the work by Lauge-Hansen, (4) this fracture begins with a supinated foot and an adduction force.