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a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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Bilateral adducted thumbs and spasticity in the lower extremities was observed in both patients.
In patients with mental retardation and hydrocephalus, L1 syndrome should be considered if adducted thumbs are present.
Recently it has been shown that both trained and untrained singers can separately influence the degree of cartilaginous adduction and membranous medialization, thus being able to create four distinct voice qualities by four distinct glottal configurations: aBducted falsetto (FaB), aDducted falsetto (FaD), aBducted chest (CaB) and aDducted chest (CaD; Table 1 and Figure 3).
As expected, the main difference between the aBducted phonations and their aDducted counterparts was observed in the configuration of the posterior glottis.
Adducted nucleotides could be detected on chromatograms prepared from splenocytes treated with 3 [micro]M mitomycin C for 2 h.
The subject was lying with his right arm extended upwards and fully pronated and with the thumb in three positions: fully abducted, partially abducted and adducted (Figure 1).
Moreover, the values of [C.sub.D] were almost similar in the three different thumb positions, although the position with the thumb adducted presented slightly higher values at 0[degrees], 45[degrees] and 90 [degrees].
METHODS: Adducted proteins recovered from incubations of nasal epithelium and [.sup.14]C-naphthalene were separated by two-dimensional (2D) gel electrophoresis and imaged to register radioactive proteins.
We identified 40 adducted spots from 2D gel separations of rat olfactory epithelial proteins; 22 of these were nonredundant.
We also discuss MS analysis of proteins adducted by chemical nerve agents and the use of customized probes for identification of OP-modified proteins.
(2005) found a number of adducted proteins in rat brain homogenates that were exposed to a variety of OPs (azamethiphos, chlorfenvinphos, diazinon, malathion, pirimiphos-methyl, and chlorpyrifos) at concentrations producing < 30% inhibition of brain AChE.
After background subtraction, the levels of [M.sub.1]dG adducts were expressed as relative adduct labeling [screen pixels in adducted nucleotides / screen pixels in total normal nucleotides (NN)].
Detection of adducted amino acids in pronase digests of rHSA.
Although BSA is not recommended as a calibrant for MALDI-TOF-MS because it is typically not pure and can produce a systematic error, the determination of the number of HDI molecules adducted was calculated by mass difference.
Adducted bisphosphates were purified on thin-layer chromatography (TLC) plates, excised, extracted, and reconstituted with distilled water.