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Antonyms for adduct

a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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The ventricular fold (false cord) on the nonparalyzed side adducts with the normal VC.
The mutational spectra of two carcinogens, namely activated benzo[a]pyrene and activated dibenz[a,j]anthracene, can be quite complex and depend on both sequence context and adduct conformation (Rodriguez and Loechler 1993; Gill et al.
Selenium salts reduced the number of adducts in the rats' colons by 53 to 70 percent.
The series of tests developed by ISL measure the levels of the biological markers believed to be sensitive gauges of cellular damage, including adducts (both DNA and protein); antioxidants (water and fat soluble) both within and outside the cell; enzymes involved in DNA repair; natural killer cell activity; analyses of cell cycles; and many others, This extensive profile provides a snapshot of the functioning of the body in response to exposure to toxins and other immuno-disruptive chemicals.
genotoxic or immunotoxic) estimated based on FFQs, CALUX assay-based evidence of exposure to estrogenic-, androgenic-, and dioxin-like compounds, Hb adduct levels, and MN frequencies.
Table 1: Details of functionalities, hydroxyesters, amine, % active ingredient, amine value and acid values of dispersing agents DA code Hydroxyester Amine % Active Amine Acid ingredient value (a) value (a) Bifunctional isocyanate adduct PEG-1000 + A17 PA 2AMPY 38.
Compositionally, this HAA contains approximately 12% DGEBPA adduct and 88% TMPTA adduct.
Adduct formation impedes the function of the original proteins participating in the reaction.
Among several oxidation and ligation states examined, only the ferrous-NO adduct of the two mutants exhibits spectra that are markedly distinct from those of the wild-type six-coordinate ferrous-NO state, but broadly similar, yet not totally identical to those of known five-coordinate ferrous-NO heme complexes.
In this communication, the preparations of the prepreg via adduct formation and composite of the carbon fiber with this PR-EP adduct matrix are reported.
In contrast, genistin, a plant form of genistein contains an added sugar molecule, mildly inhibited adduct formation at all doses, Berhow notes.
2] sticks to proteins to form what is called a lipid-protein adduct.
This adduct blocks the enzyme activity and thereby inhibits the NEDD8 pathway.
Among common environmental genotoxic agents, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) [International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 2010] cause DNA damage that is readily detectable as bulky DNA adducts, although the chemical nature of the DNA damage that leads to adduct formation is not known with certainty.