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Synonyms for adduce

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Synonyms for adduce

to bring forward for formal consideration

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Synonyms for adduce

advance evidence for

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But I do not pretend that my protestations should acquit me; I rest my innocence on a plain and simple explanation of the facts which have been adduced against me, and I hope the character I have always borne will incline my judges to a favourable interpretation where any circumstance appears doubtful or suspicious."
Numberless facts could be adduced to prove that upraised organic remains are common wherever there are active volcanos; but until it could be shown that in areas of subsidence, volcanos were either absent or inactive, the inference, however probable in itself, that their distribution depended on the rising or falling of the earth's surface, would have been hazardous.
The first set of facts to be adduced against the common sense view of desire are those studied by psycho-analysis.
de Orat.); and the loose and desultory style is an imitation of the 'accustomed manner' in which Socrates spoke in 'the agora and among the tables of the money-changers.' The allusion in the Crito may, perhaps, be adduced as a further evidence of the literal accuracy of some parts.
An MPTS report said: "The tribunal determined the General Medical Council (which brought the case against Dr Waugh) had not adduced sufficient evidence to prove Dr Waugh made the payments and that her actions were dishonest in that she knew she was not entitled to the payments.
'Then, I wrote another letter of representation in view of the evidence adduced in the trial.
In the 22-paragraph ruling, the NMC summarises the government's complaint in paragraph two as follows: 'The complaint was that the documentary had made certain claims which could not be supported by the facts adduced and in line with the law, there was the need for the NMC to investigate the matter and direct a retraction and apology as well as any other appropriate sanction.'
She stated: "For this they have to be in a position to understand the issues and the evidence adduced in support of the parties' cases."
WHICH SAID APPLICATION will be grounded upon the proceedings already had herein, the Affidavit of Eoin O'Shea, Solicitor, such further evidence as may be adduced, the nature of the case and the reasons to be offered.
In a special statement for the media, President Rumen Radev adduced further clarifications regarding his motives for imposing a veto on the law ratifying the agreements on the acquisition of eight F-16 Block 70 aircraft, BNR reported.
"After a careful study of the testimonial and documentary evidence adduced by the prosecution, the Court finds no basis to grant movants' leave of court to file their demurrer to evidence," the resolution read.
'Considering the allegations contained, the issues raised and the arguments adduced in the petitions, it is necessary and proper to issue a status quo ante order requiring the parties to observe the status quo prevailing before the issuance of Comelec en banc Minute Resolution No.
Reacting to the judgment in a statement, Adagunodo said: 'we received the Appeal Court Judgement of the Osun State Election petition of today with a huge shock.' 'Considering all evidence before the lower court and legal points adduced by our legal team at the Appeal Court, we expect victory at the Appeal Court but that's the beauty of democracy, you win one you lose one and it is not over until it is over.'
Makarani said, 'The select committee, having investigated allegations of incompetence and gross violation of the Constitution and other laws and received submissions from witnesses and Balala himself, has considered the evidence adduced and the proofs thereof.
Later, the accused and in-laws engaged in a brawl leading to the death of his father-in-law.Justice Kasango ruled that, according to the evidence adduced in court, the accused acted in self-defence when he hit the victim.