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Synonyms for adduce

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Synonyms for adduce

to bring forward for formal consideration

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Synonyms for adduce

advance evidence for

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(136) Therefore, concerns that s 51A will reverse the onus of proof in criminal proceedings provide no additional support for interpreting s 51A(2) as merely requiring the representor to adduce evidence.
On the other, Esposito adduces earlier comments by Buchanan which are indisputably unfriendly to Islam without making an attempt to resolve the discrepancy.
The Minister failed to adduce any evidence to establish the similarity of the comparables used by him and, therefore, the evidence adduced by the appellant was sufficient to discharge the onus on it.
As one might expect from codices of this period (16th-17th centuries), all (including the base manuscript) adduce material from different stages of the textual process, complicating the reconstruction of the putative original.
The main contention is that the court allowed the governor to adduce extra evidence while the case was going on in blatant disregard of rules and established jurisprudence on the issuance of additional evidence.
It is precisely for this reason that a preliminary investigation was scheduled so that complainants can adduce additional evidence in support of their complaint for rebellion against respondent NajiyaMaute, should they wish to do so," the panel said.
In a statement yesterday solicitors Bindman and Partners said, ``At the conclusion of the hearing in the Court of Appeal, the court agreed that there was a point of law of general public importance, namely the question of whether or not it is permissible for the prosecution to adduce new evidence which is not specifically related to new evidence on behalf of the defence.
Nonetheless, the layman should recall Malevich's statement that "although it was my idea to adduce white-on-white abstraction, .
Central to this is the capacity to adduce universalizable and public reasons, and crucially, to communicate with others.
The problem with Boswell's argument is that ultimately he is able to adduce little evidence that support for the PCF was indeed 'new wine in new bottles'.
The parties now have one month to adduce evidence proving otherwise.
The well-known concluding lines to Act 1, scene 2 ("Amiam, che non ha tregua / con gli anni umana vita, e si dilegua / Amiam, che 'l Sol si muore e poi rinasce: / a noi sua breve luce / s'asconde, e 'l sonno eterna notte adduce") are rendered thus: "Let's love, for with the years / man's life can have no truce, and disappears.
Mr Justice McCloskey said: "The plaintiffs will seek to adduce further evidence and may wish to initiate new proceedings as the fund of evidence becomes more extensive."
"The petitioner must first adduce evidence of the nature that would entitle him to judgement if the respondents did not adduce any evidence at all in the battle.
Turning to classical models again, we may adduce passages that feature Hippolytus, a notorious example of sexual frigidity, as he is "brought to life" by an exotic dancer, namely, Ovid, Amores 2.4.29-32; Priapea 19; and Martial, Ep.